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My life transformed dramatically last year (in 2013) when I set the intention for the year in one word: PROSPERITY

In this video I explain the power of Intention Setting Rituals in manifesting prosperity:

If you’d like to come on the 29 April 2014 Business Alchemy Experience you will need to be a participant in  my Business Alchemy 28 day video mentoring programme - it’s my most popular mentoring product EVER – and it’s currently on special offer for 2014 at just £14!!!

The ‘Prosperity’ intention for 2013 directly lead to the creation of my latest and biggest business venture SourceTV together with Hollywood based TV/Video and Digital Marketing Expert and ‘Business Shaman’ Kevin Stein.   

SourceTV is now my passion and my main business focus.  My one word intention for 2014 is LOVE – to stay aligned to ‘Source’ energy, working through a heartfelt desire to help Thought Leaders and Transformational Teachers get their messages of empowerment to a wider audience.

If you’d like to be involved in SourceTV please email me at rachel [at]

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If you’d like to contact me please email me at rachel [at] putting NEW ENQUIRY in your email title.  PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER INVEST IN BUSINESSES.  I recommend you look at the Angel’s Den site – they offer both Angel Investment as well as Crowdfunding – if you need assistance raising finance.

I always try to answer every email personally and if you put NEW ENQUIRY in the email subject title it will get priority attention.

With best wishes, 

Rachel Crop








Rachel xx

Rachel Elnaugh - Entrepreneur, creator of the market leading experiences company ‘Red Letter Days’, star of BBCTV’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ series 1 & 2, author ‘Business Nightmares’, creator ‘Business Alchemy’, award winning Business Mentor and Professional Speaker, co-producer of the 12.12.12 ‘One World’ experience, and co-creator of the new business operating and marketing platform for thought leaders

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