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posted: April 1st, 2014

I was at an IoD event last night and found myself talking to the MD of an events company, explaining how much money my first company Red Letter Days used to make out of apathy.

All those experience gift vouchers bought by well-intentioned spouses and employers which went unused. Nigh on 25% of the profit on our turnover (c£4.5million) was generated because people just couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone, get off their arse and claim their gift.

And I see this time and time again in life. The people who say they are coming to an event but don’t bother to show, the people who invest in a transformational course but don’t get beyond day 3, the people who buy the book but never bother to read it. The people who are given a major life opportunity but find a reason to decline.

What a tragic waste!

Why are we wired to apathy!?

Easy. It’s safer to stay in our safe comfort zone than to step up, step out and expand our lives!

What if YOU said YES to all the opportunities/offers/information sitting there waiting for you to grab them TODAY?


One Year On

posted: March 2nd, 2014

Rachel Elnaugh at Getty VillaOn the Oscars weekend this time last year I was in Los Angeles – doing the T.Harv Eker ‘Millionaire Mind’ Intensive weekend – and the next day met with my Source co-creator Kevin Stein for the first time in person. We sat in the outdoor cafe at the Getty Villa and sketched out on a piece of paper the concept and early strategy for SourceTV.

That weekend was certainly a turning point in my life.  I had an unexpected and powerful breakthrough on the final day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive – which was like a clearing of the last weeds remaining in the soil – and what started out as the seed of an idea for an online TV channel for thought leaders and metaphysical teachers has now taken root and is growing into a fully fledged business.

Much magic has unfolded since that sunny Californian Monday – and above all, the adventure has been great fun!

So, one year on, I am reflecting on how much life can transform in a single year, and now, on this new trajectory, with ideas taking root, how it’s possible for things to scale exponentially.

But isn’t this exactly how nature works?  You take a seed, you plant it, and feed it, and nurture it, until it takes root and gains a momentum of its own eventually bearing fruit.  Same with business.  Take the seed of an idea, energise it, feed it – with commitment, energy, determination, persistence – and it will start to gain its own momentum through attracting people, money, customers, opportunities, ideas.

As T.Harv would say “If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”  It all starts with an idea, a vision, a burning desire – combined with the unwavering intention to make it happen – no matter what.

If such a dramatic life change can take place in just one year I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Rachel x

PS If you’d like to acquire a stake in SourceTV the current SEIS top-up crowdfunding closes on Saturday 8 March.  All the remaining SEIS qualifying shares are now gone but you can still get EIS tax relief at 30% on any investment you make.  Details are at



Getting into Flow

posted: January 16th, 2014

Here’s a little story about how you can get into prosperity flow…

After struggling for months trying to get round to writing a book on the subject and never managing to write anything (do you know that feeling?), in April 2012 I had the inspiration to just film some quick videos on my Flip camera explaining all of my best tips & learnings about business, marketing and ‘prosperity consciousness’.

I mind mapped all the key points and each day for 4 days filmed 7 videos ~ no script, just speaking from the heart.  I then edited them using iMovie on my Mac, and uploaded them to Vimeo (it’s free!). I then created a simple little accompanying workbook on Microsoft Word, saved it as a PDF, and put the whole programme into a lovely easy to use piece of technology I had been using as part of my business operating platform.

I called the programme ‘Business Alchemy’ and sold it at the launch price of £8 – and people loved it!

Using the feedback (via Survey Monkey) from the original course I refilmed the videos in September 2012 and launched a ‘new improved’ version. Many of the original customers bought the new version.

So far over 700 people have bought Business Alchemy ~ either at the £8 launch price or the normal price which is £33. More importantly, the people who took the course and loved it were really receptive to offers of one to one mentoring.

I was then inspired to create an online mentoring group in 2013 ~ the ‘Lucky Prosperity Spiral’ ~ which attracted 80 members each paying a monthly subscription.

Many of those clients then went on to invest in my latest business venture SourceTV.

So the value generated from that simple little online product, which took a week’s work, was huge – well over £50,000 – and meanwhile Business Alchemy can go on selling forever – even after I am long gone, for the benefit of my children.

If you’re interested in doing the same then watch the short video I made showing how I created Business Alchemy at – and see how simple it is to create something similar for your business!  

You can even trial the software for FREE.

Rachel x

PS If you’d like to experience Business Alchemy for yourself I’m making it available in this special 2014 offer for just £14!  To sign up use the PayPal button below and your course will be activated within 24 hours…


New Year Clutter Clear

posted: December 30th, 2013

There’s even more power in doing a New Year Clutter Clear this year, because it’s very rare for a New Moon to fall on New Year’s Day 1.1.14 – and this one falls under a cardinal cross linking all the ‘leadership’ signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.  An exceptionally good time for manifestation – and anything you didn’t voluntary let go of during 2013 which needs to be cleared from your life will now be involuntarily removed in 2014 via volcanic meltdown!  (Those of you who have done empowerment work will know that it often takes a breakdown to get to a breakthrough.)

Over here my clutter clear is an enforced one – the original 1976 kitchen which came with this house (interestingly the same ‘Fire Dragon’ year that my husband was born) is quite literally falling apart, and today the workmen are coming to replace all the units.  This isn’t the kitchen of my dreams (which I suspect already exists in a  home many miles from here and in another life dimension), just an inexpensive short term fix.  But it has necessitated the complete clearance of every unit.  And it’s all happening in my feng shui area of relationships!

And so this weekend has been spent discovering broken food mixers pushed to the back of cupboards, out of date herbs & spices (some dating to my first marriage!), odd pieces of crockery left over from long gone dining sets, not to mention many jars of sauces and pickles at the back of the fridge being kept ‘just in case’ – but which will never ever get used.  (Very symbolic, given Venus is currently retrograde in Capricorn, forcing us to review old relationships.  What worked, what didn’t.)

I just didn’t have the time or emotional bandwidth this weekend to go through the complete decision making process of what to throw or what to keep (although there’s already 5 sacks of rubbish), deciding to defer most of that to the unpacking process later this week.

However I suspect I will be so excited and delighted at having new units with doors which don’t fall off and drawers which glide in and out that very little of the old stuff will make it.

William Morris said “Having nothing in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.  

I guess the same applies to relationships.

Far better to pare down to a smaller tribe of wonderful, life-enriching people, who accept you for exactly who you are, and who bring you joy – than to go for numbers.

What clutter will you be clearing this New Year?

Wishing you an amazing 2014.

In love,


Rachel xx





Apprentice/Dragon/Sorcerer Required…

posted: December 17th, 2013

Bright, buzzy, ambitious – but not currently employed or feeling under-utilised, and looking for an opportunity that will potentially transform your life?

I’m looking for an Intern to work alongside me and my co-directors as we create my latest big business venture SourceTV, initially for a six month period and after that, if we both decide to continue, we’ll bring you permanently on board.

SourceTV is a marketing portal for Thought Leaders and Transformational Teachers combined with a business operating platform, so you’ll need to:

- Be brilliant at technology, databases and detail, editing/uploading videos and everything web based

- Love business and marketing – maybe you have a degree in one of these areas?

- Be articulate and confident – able to meet and greet at SourceTV events and represent the business at shows and exhibitions

- Be London based

- Have an interest in all things metaphysical

- Be available to start at the beginning of January

YOU NEED TO BE AWARE that I am a highly driven ambitious entrepreneur with huge creative ‘fire’ energy – which can be explosive when detonated.  The good news about this is that you will always know where you stand with me!  My Mars is in Virgo meaning I place a lot of importance on attention to detail, cannot bear sloppiness and also like to work FAST.  I only work with people I like and 100% trust, am highly intuitive and see through bullshit in a nanosecond.  I love high energy positive people who take pride in producing top quality work.

THIS IS A BRILLIANT OPPORTUNITY for you to work with a high profile entrepreneur on an amazing business with the intention to grow into a global transformational brand – which will also look great on your bio!  And in the process I will teach you everything I know about business and marketing.

This is a freelance contract for which we will pay you a retainer of £1k per month for the six month term – for which you need to be reasonably available for the company as and when needed.  It’s a virtual role and there are no ‘hours’ as such – you’ll be assessed on results and your output rather than on hours spent, as ultimately in business it’s all about results.  (Those very kind people at WorkHubs Euston have agreed that you can base yourself there for as much or as little as you want – if you like the buzz of being around other people.)

TO GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY please create a short video pitch of yourself telling us why you would love to join Source and why we should choose you, then email the link to me at with INTERN in the title.

I’ll also need to know (via email) your Time of Birth, Date of Birth and Place of Birth.  (This info is being requested purely for astrological purposes and has nothing to do with how old or young you are)   And please tell us your Twitter @ address.

From the videos submitted I’ll quickly let you know if you’ve been shortlisted for an interview via Skype later this month.

Bon chance!


Rachel x

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur, Business Speaker/Author and star of the first two series of BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den










‘To VA or not to VA’ that is the question…

posted: December 12th, 2013

I’ve had some absolutely brilliants PA’s (Personal Assistants)  over the years – so how come I’ve never managed to have ANY luck finding a really good VA? (Virtual Assistant)

The first one always seemed to be ill with herself or her children – and when she eventually decided to wind up the business (because she was getting so many complaints/losing clients) the problems didn’t stop there – it turned out she hadn’t paid one of the people she had outsourced web work to (which we all thought she was doing herself) – who proceeded to take down all the websites she had created for the clients – and which they’d already paid for!

The second was an admin disaster who refused to take responsibility for anything, ending up with me hosting an event where, despite meticulous instructions,  none of the visuals had been arranged/checked properly – leaving the evening a disaster which I had to ad lib my way through.

The latest Worldwide101 I had really high hopes for – if the promises on their website are anything to go by.

The first VA they supplied was hopelessly inept, managing within the first week to seriously annoy many of my key customers, chasing them for money which was not owed.  The second (replacement for the first) missed 3 urgent repeat emails from two key contacts – one resulting in a complete project meltdown and the other where disaster was luckily averted when the client called me direct.  It later transpired she was a new recruit to the company – who I was being used as a guinea pig to test out!!!

It seems to me that the world of VA’s is a bit of a graveyard for pre-digital-era ex-secretaries looking to make a bit of money around their family commitments, spreading themselves far too thinly across far too many clients – and hopelessly inept at dealing with anything which requires a grasp of technology.

I’d be interested in your views…

What is YOUR experience of hiring a VA?


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