Baljinder Singh Johal

This morning I received an email from a thoroughly nasty young man namedĀ Baljinder Singh Johal which simply said ‘fuck you’

The point of this short and sweet post is when you have an unusual and highly identifiable name it’s best not to piss off people who can get your nasty messages straight to the top of Google.



10 thoughts on “Baljinder Singh Johal

  1. Lol I dislike people using bad language and those who are venomous.. good for you… why on earth do people not understand the power of the internet?

  2. Rachel – how awful! Who does he think he is! No one needs to be rude to anyone. Hope he is banned from all social networks – and so glad you were able to report someone like this to people who listen :)

  3. Just stop your nonsense and remember my name forever. Apologies for swearing Rachel.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    Firstly, let me say I just discovered your website/s and have only just started watching the Dragons Den although I know it has been on for many years now. They are only now starting to show the first two seasons of the Dragons Den here in Australia and you were great! Clearly the most intelligent and compassionate of the dragons.

    Glad to see your entrepreneurial spirit has taken you to where you are now and you’ve handled this nutter well.

  5. More like mental nutter. But mostly a real good guy with lots of passion and energy to help others succeed.
    Excuse the bad language madam. Sincere apologies

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