Getting into Flow

Here’s a little story about how you can get into prosperity flow…

After struggling for months trying to get round to writing a book on the subject and never managing to write anything (do you know that feeling?), in April 2012 I had the inspiration to just film some quick videos on my Flip camera explaining all of my best tips & learnings about business, marketing and ‘prosperity consciousness’.

I mind mapped all the key points and each day for 4 days filmed 7 videos ~ no script, just speaking from the heart.  I then edited them using iMovie on my Mac, and uploaded them to Vimeo (it’s free!). I then created a simple little accompanying workbook on Microsoft Word, saved it as a PDF, and put the whole programme into a lovely easy to use piece of technology I had been using as part of my business operating platform.

I called the programme ‘Business Alchemy’ and sold it at the launch price of £8 – and people loved it!

Using the feedback (via Survey Monkey) from the original course I refilmed the videos in September 2012 and launched a ‘new improved’ version. Many of the original customers bought the new version.

So far over 700 people have bought Business Alchemy ~ either at the £8 launch price or the normal price which is £33. More importantly, the people who took the course and loved it were really receptive to offers of one to one mentoring.

I was then inspired to create an online mentoring group in 2013 ~ the ‘Lucky Prosperity Spiral’ ~ which attracted 80 members each paying a monthly subscription.

Many of those clients then went on to invest in my latest business venture SourceTV.

So the value generated from that simple little online product, which took a week’s work, was huge – well over £50,000 – and meanwhile Business Alchemy can go on selling forever – even after I am long gone, for the benefit of my children.

If you’re interested in doing the same then watch the short video I made showing how I created Business Alchemy at – and see how simple it is to create something similar for your business!  

You can even trial the software for FREE.

Rachel x

PS If you’d like to experience Business Alchemy for yourself I’m making it available in this special 2014 offer for just £14!  To sign up use the PayPal button below and your course will be activated within 24 hours…


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