I’m a Twitterholic

Yes, I admit it.  I am hooked on Twitter.

It wasn’t always this way.  It started out as a marketing tool – and in the beginning I wasn’t really sure what to tweet. 

And then there was the stage when I realised that giving details of my exact whereabouts presented a real security issue for my family at home!

At one point I went down a real blind alley the time a Twitter expert suggested the way to ‘get numbers’ was to pick someone in my space and follow all their people in the hope of getting a follow back.  So I chose several hundred of fellow Dragon Peter Jones’ followers as a test – which gave me a kickstart of followers but also ended up giving me a huge amount of Tweet traffic, most of it boring & useless.

But now I’ve weeded those out (I unfollow anyone who sends three tweets in a row which leave me cold) – and I’ve got to an interesting and eclectic bunch of following/followers, Twitter feels like a big extended family – and I love it!

Here’s my little guide to the different  Twitter Types I’ve spotted:

‘The Celebrities’ – Those top names you think are going to be really interesting but rarely are.  @oprah @billgates @barackobama  They don’t often tweet, when they do it’s to promote something or its a message written by one of their assistants.  But you’ve kinda got to have them on your ‘following’, just in case.

‘The Gurus’ – These use twitter to give us their wisdom. @TonyRobbins @LouiseHay @MalcolmLevene  Great inspiration, but can get tiresome after a while, especially when they start to preach.

‘The Companies’ – Using Twitter to promote this that or the other.  @SmartaHQ @TopTenTips @women_unlimited .  Good to know what’s going on in your sector, but also cause a lot of Twitter clutter.

‘The Fun Guys’ – Who use Twitter as their regular conversation tool.  @MulliganJimmy @Obsrvationalist @tradingnothing  When you start following a connected group like this you get to be privy to all their one to one conversations!  Great fly-on-the-wall fun…

‘Your Friends and Fans’ – the people who know you and love you and who you connect with on a personal level @srimati @AnneHerbert @nobackrub By far your most valuable group, these people are there with the support, the advice, the ReTweets, the friendly words.  It’s a great way to make new friends and extend your network.

Here’s some top Twitter Tips given to me by Twitter Guru @MarkShaw:

  • Be authentic!
  • Drop Tweets about what you’re up to throughout the day, so people get a little window on your life – even things you think are boring
  • Pictures of your lifestyle are good if used selectively
  • Use Twitter to ask questions and for feedback help & ideas.  It’s a great way to get input – as well as ReTweets. People love to help.
  • Be selective in what you ReTweet
  • Try not to over-promote anything

But the thing I most love about Twitter is that it is so low time maintenance! 

Provided you have an iPhone app or can do it from your mobile you can fill any little boring few minutes of the day – in a taxi, waiting for a meeting, in the TV ad break.  And when you get to a good follower/following family it’s really fun to check in and see what people are up to.

So I admit it, I’m a Twitteraholic! 

The upside is I now have almost 2,000 people in my ‘tribe’… And growing.

Have a lovely day.


5 thoughts on “I’m a Twitterholic

  1. About this last year I saw you at the NEC with a small outfit called Walltastic.

    At the time they were talking about rapid expansion with your help and support.

    From your positive coments about your experience with Walltastic I was just wondering how that was going?

  2. Walltastic is doing brilliantly – they now sell in 20 different countries, they just acquired the licences to all the key children’s cartoon characters which they launched at the NEC last week and are on target to T/O £1million+ this year.

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