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After Red Letter Days crashed in 2005 I had an ’emergency visit’ from a feng shui guru who had contacted me in the aftermath of the meltdown to offer her help and advice.

Apparently 2005 had been my ‘Year 1’ in the feng shui astrology cycle – a year of great vulnerability and great loss.

Initially a cynic about these things, when I tracked back my ‘Nine Star Ki’ 9 year cycle it was chillingly accurate. For example, in 2004 (a year before the crash) I had been my ‘Year 9′ – the yang year of great Fame – where everything is to excess and a meltdown/breakdown is sure to follow. In every extreme yang are the seeds of yin…

Of course 2004 was the year I filmed Dragons’ Den and the first series was aired on TV (in January 2005 but still in the 2004 Chinese year).

Did you know that 4 of the 5 Spice Girls were in their ‘Year 9’ when they shot to fame in 1997? Year 9 is THE best year for you to go for fame and publicity.

Thus my interest in Nine Star Ki was born.

As well as a character reading tool, it is also invaluable in calculating where you are in your Nine Year Cycle. For all of us there are years to heal and hibernate, years to hatch new plans, and years to reap the harvest of our labours…

For example it’s interesting that Britney Spears had her post-Las Vegas wedding meltdown in her Year 1 in 2004.

And that in 1983 Michael Jackson was in his year of ‘Take Off’ after the Thriller Album was released. Shame they did not wait until his next ‘take-off’ Year 3 (2010) for his ‘This is It’ Tour to go live.

By pushing it ahead into 2009 (his year 2 of stagnaton and planning) it was just too soon in the cycle – and he could not cope with the pressure.

Finding out where you are in your Nine Year Cycle will be invaluable for you in deciding whether this is the year for you to launch a new business, to hibernate, to stick with your plans or to go for fame.

It’s an essential tool to help you work with your flow of Heaven Luck.

The Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology app is now available in the iPhone App store –




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  1. I have just downloaded the app on my phone, and I love it! I have a keen interest in numerology so the the Nine Star Ki caught my eye – can’t wait to learn more about it!

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