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Apprentice/Dragon/Sorcerer Required…

posted: December 17th, 2013

Bright, buzzy, ambitious – but not currently employed or feeling under-utilised, and looking for an opportunity that will potentially transform your life?

I’m looking for an Intern to work alongside me and my co-directors as we create my latest big business venture SourceTV, initially for a six month period and after that, if we both decide to continue, we’ll bring you permanently on board.

SourceTV is a marketing portal for Thought Leaders and Transformational Teachers combined with a business operating platform, so you’ll need to:

- Be brilliant at technology, databases and detail, editing/uploading videos and everything web based

- Love business and marketing – maybe you have a degree in one of these areas?

- Be articulate and confident – able to meet and greet at SourceTV events and represent the business at shows and exhibitions

- Be London based

- Have an interest in all things metaphysical

- Be available to start at the beginning of January

YOU NEED TO BE AWARE that I am a highly driven ambitious entrepreneur with huge creative ‘fire’ energy – which can be explosive when detonated.  The good news about this is that you will always know where you stand with me!  My Mars is in Virgo meaning I place a lot of importance on attention to detail, cannot bear sloppiness and also like to work FAST.  I only work with people I like and 100% trust, am highly intuitive and see through bullshit in a nanosecond.  I love high energy positive people who take pride in producing top quality work.

THIS IS A BRILLIANT OPPORTUNITY for you to work with a high profile entrepreneur on an amazing business with the intention to grow into a global transformational brand – which will also look great on your bio!  And in the process I will teach you everything I know about business and marketing.

This is a freelance contract for which we will pay you a retainer of £1k per month for the six month term – for which you need to be reasonably available for the company as and when needed.  It’s a virtual role and there are no ‘hours’ as such – you’ll be assessed on results and your output rather than on hours spent, as ultimately in business it’s all about results.  (Those very kind people at WorkHubs Euston have agreed that you can base yourself there for as much or as little as you want – if you like the buzz of being around other people.)

TO GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY please create a short video pitch of yourself telling us why you would love to join Source and why we should choose you, then email the link to me at with INTERN in the title.

I’ll also need to know (via email) your Time of Birth, Date of Birth and Place of Birth.  (This info is being requested purely for astrological purposes and has nothing to do with how old or young you are)   And please tell us your Twitter @ address.

From the videos submitted I’ll quickly let you know if you’ve been shortlisted for an interview via Skype later this month.

Bon chance!


Rachel x

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur, Business Speaker/Author and star of the first two series of BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den










HeadTrash and Other News…

posted: April 3rd, 2013

I had a wonderfully powerful one to one ‘HeadTrash’ session with Alexia Leachman last week – plus was interviewed by her for her B.TheChange radio show, here’s the recording for you…

Alexia is definitely ‘one to watch’ !

Rachel x


Business Elvis

posted: March 28th, 2013

Four years ago those very nice people at the Institute of Directors gave me some complimentary tickets to their Annual Conference at the Royal Albert Hall. We listened to a lot of awfully clever businessmen – including the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Stuart Rose (then Chief Exec of M&S) – talking about the economy and ‘serious’ business themes, along with our very own pinstripe Dragon Peter Jones making jokes about buying a Ferrari…

And then Tim Smit came on stage, wearing jeans and a denim shirt, took off his navy pinstripe jacket, left it on the side of the stage and proceeded to blow the entire audience away with his story about how he created Cornwall’s ‘The Eden Project’.

A social enterprise created from nothing more than a vision and a disused quarry, which has since become one of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions creating much wealth for the Cornish people and many local enterprises.

In business terms it was the equivalent of seeing Elvis perform for the very first time – and I KNEW in my heart what we were seeing was the possibility of a fresh new future for business.

A future where business success is not measured by stock market value or interim profits or how flashy your car is. A future of business based on working from passion and out of desire to serve others, business which creates value for every single person it touches.

A future of ‘we-first’ not ‘me-first’ – where collaboration is more important than competition.

It’s taken me three years of begging, cajoling and generally being like a fly-round-a-cow’s-arsehole to finally get Tim to speak – now of course ‘Sir Tim’ – and I am delighted and very proud to let you know that he is our keynote speaker at the ‘Prosperity 2013’ event on Tuesday 23 April at The Tate Modern.

I do hope that you will join me, along with over 200 other ‘Conscious Entrepreneurs’, as we paint a vision for a bright new future of business which can emerge from the current breakdown of the old order.

All the details are waiting over for you at




The Business Show at London Excel

posted: April 30th, 2012

Once again I will be exhibiting at the fabulous Business Show at London’s Excel on 17 & 18 May where I will also be launching my new 28 day video programme + workbook Business Alchemy – specifically designed to give you the tools to transform your financial fortunes – even from a place of total money meltdown! More details on that to follow soon…

I’ll also be talking Business Alchemy in Keynote Hall 2 at 11.45am on Friday 18th if you would like to come and hear me for free – it’s specifically aimed at helping you get out of a money rut and into flow again.

Hope to see you at the Show – you can get free tickets at




Barefoot and The Dragon

posted: March 16th, 2012

This week found us at the launch of Glastonbury Global Radio where Barefoot Doctor and I have a new show ‘Barefoot and The Dragon’ playing out across the airwaves as from next Monday.

We’ve just recorded our first episode – a metaphysical take on global events with a bit of fun thrown in…

It’s ultra-exciting as Glastonbury Radio has just been taken over by a Hollywood syndicate of investors with the plan to create a multi-media channel broadcasting metaphysical themes worldwide – with a whole host of A-list celebrities joining the station.


Our show is going out at on:

Monday 19 March 00.00 to 1am and 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday 21 March 5am to 6am and 9pm to 10pm
Thursday 22 March 3am to 4am and 1pm to 2pm
Friday 23 March 12noon to 1pm and 4pm to 5pm

Please do listen in and let us know what you think!

Rachel x


The Big Om

posted: March 10th, 2012

I’m delighted to announce the latest experience I am involved in – creating ‘The Big Om’ at Wembley Arena on 12.12.12.

This mass sound healing event is being lead by Barefoot Doctor and you can get involved with the crowdfunding initiative for which you’ll receive a generous allocation of priority front of arena tickets.

I hope to see you there!

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