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One Year On

posted: March 2nd, 2014

Rachel Elnaugh at Getty VillaOn the Oscars weekend this time last year I was in Los Angeles – doing the T.Harv Eker ‘Millionaire Mind’ Intensive weekend – and the next day met with my Source co-creator Kevin Stein for the first time in person. We sat in the outdoor cafe at the Getty Villa and sketched out on a piece of paper the concept and early strategy for SourceTV.

That weekend was certainly a turning point in my life.  I had an unexpected and powerful breakthrough on the final day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive – which was like a clearing of the last weeds remaining in the soil – and what started out as the seed of an idea for an online TV channel for thought leaders and metaphysical teachers has now taken root and is growing into a fully fledged business.

Much magic has unfolded since that sunny Californian Monday – and above all, the adventure has been great fun!

So, one year on, I am reflecting on how much life can transform in a single year, and now, on this new trajectory, with ideas taking root, how it’s possible for things to scale exponentially.

But isn’t this exactly how nature works?  You take a seed, you plant it, and feed it, and nurture it, until it takes root and gains a momentum of its own eventually bearing fruit.  Same with business.  Take the seed of an idea, energise it, feed it – with commitment, energy, determination, persistence – and it will start to gain its own momentum through attracting people, money, customers, opportunities, ideas.

As T.Harv would say “If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”  It all starts with an idea, a vision, a burning desire – combined with the unwavering intention to make it happen – no matter what.

If such a dramatic life change can take place in just one year I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Rachel x

PS If you’d like to acquire a stake in SourceTV the current SEIS top-up crowdfunding closes on Saturday 8 March.  All the remaining SEIS qualifying shares are now gone but you can still get EIS tax relief at 30% on any investment you make.  Details are at



New Year Clutter Clear

posted: December 30th, 2013

There’s even more power in doing a New Year Clutter Clear this year, because it’s very rare for a New Moon to fall on New Year’s Day 1.1.14 – and this one falls under a cardinal cross linking all the ‘leadership’ signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.  An exceptionally good time for manifestation – and anything you didn’t voluntary let go of during 2013 which needs to be cleared from your life will now be involuntarily removed in 2014 via volcanic meltdown!  (Those of you who have done empowerment work will know that it often takes a breakdown to get to a breakthrough.)

Over here my clutter clear is an enforced one – the original 1976 kitchen which came with this house (interestingly the same ‘Fire Dragon’ year that my husband was born) is quite literally falling apart, and today the workmen are coming to replace all the units.  This isn’t the kitchen of my dreams (which I suspect already exists in a  home many miles from here and in another life dimension), just an inexpensive short term fix.  But it has necessitated the complete clearance of every unit.  And it’s all happening in my feng shui area of relationships!

And so this weekend has been spent discovering broken food mixers pushed to the back of cupboards, out of date herbs & spices (some dating to my first marriage!), odd pieces of crockery left over from long gone dining sets, not to mention many jars of sauces and pickles at the back of the fridge being kept ‘just in case’ – but which will never ever get used.  (Very symbolic, given Venus is currently retrograde in Capricorn, forcing us to review old relationships.  What worked, what didn’t.)

I just didn’t have the time or emotional bandwidth this weekend to go through the complete decision making process of what to throw or what to keep (although there’s already 5 sacks of rubbish), deciding to defer most of that to the unpacking process later this week.

However I suspect I will be so excited and delighted at having new units with doors which don’t fall off and drawers which glide in and out that very little of the old stuff will make it.

William Morris said “Having nothing in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.  

I guess the same applies to relationships.

Far better to pare down to a smaller tribe of wonderful, life-enriching people, who accept you for exactly who you are, and who bring you joy – than to go for numbers.

What clutter will you be clearing this New Year?

Wishing you an amazing 2014.

In love,


Rachel xx





My Highly Embarrassing Live-streamed TEDx Meltdown

posted: November 11th, 2013

Yesterday I experienced every Speaker’s nightmare…  I died on stage.

Not just at any event either, in front of an audience of 1700 at the TEDxSalford event at The Lowry Theatre in Salford, as well as goodness knows how many more via the global livestream!

This should not happen to me, I’ve delivered over 300 talks, I should know better.

I could feel 5 minutes in I was not connecting with the audience; there was no energy build in the room; I felt myself switching from passion for the material into fear of looking stupid.  And as a result, ‘energetically collapsed’.

There was much horrible criticism via the TedxSalford Twitter timeline when I looked later (the modern way of crucifying someone) and instead of sticking around for the rest of the morning I decided just to ‘leave the building’ and get back to the safety of my home!  I experienced that ‘small space’ of fear, failure, humiliation.

Yet in every experience there are ALWAYS learnings.  Here was mine…

I have become spoiled in that most of my audiences are rarified (people typically pay to see ME) and so I attract people who totally ‘get’ the power of Higher Consciousness.  When you are playing to a ‘home crowd’ in this way, you can use the power of the audience’s energy and love to feed and empower your presentation.  The audience at TEDx is much more mainstream, many were University students who have gone through the ’3rd dimensional training’ of filtering everything through logic and reason (and thus many default to cynicism/resentment/mockery at the mention magic, energy and ‘God’).

What is clear is that I (and other lightworkers like me, many of whom are assembling as part of my latest business project ), need to find a way to enable the masses to ‘get’ the power of the Fourth Dimension.  To make it palatable, and to get it past the filters of ‘woo woo’ hippy shit.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961 (Clarke’s third law) 

For it is this move from cynicism and criticism to tolerance and respect; a move to the higher vibration of pure unconditional love, that is essential for us to achieve transformation upon our Planet.

This was the gift from Spirit hidden in the humiliation of the public meltdown experience of this talk.

I’ve recorded the original speech + PPT in this video – in it’s entirety (I knew when I was on stage that delivering the central chunk about channelling from light beings would have been speaker suicide at TEDx and so spontaneously decided to cut it  !) – if you would like to listen to it and form your own opinion:

Rachel Elnaugh Higher Consciousness Business Creation TEDxSalford Talk Uncut from Rachel Elnaugh on Vimeo.

All feedback is hugely welcome.

With love and in gratitude,

Rachel x

PS My business partner Kevin Stein (mentioned in the talk and in the video above) – who is also a horary astrologer – pointed out that the timing of my speech was peculiar in that Mercury was standing still in the heavens on the day it was moving from Retrograde back into Direct motion.  Perfect symbolism when you think about it, given that Mercury is the planet of communication and the speech was all about accessing Divine Guidance through stillness.  Clearly there was powerful communication happening yesterday, quite apart from what was or was not said on stage. 



Spiritual Snobbery

posted: November 4th, 2013

As more and more people start awakening to the Higher Consciousness have you noticed an increase in what I would politely call ‘Spiritual Snobbery’?

Those well-meaning Tweets warning you to ‘stay away from negative people’.

Or the edict that certain people (or projects?) have got a ‘bad vibration’ and must be held at arm’s length at all costs.

Or that old chestnut “My Guides have told me not to… [insert detail of whatever it is that you have decided you don't want to do].”

If we are truly to embrace the concept of ‘Oneness’ – which at its essence means we are all part of the same energy – then anyone or anything you ‘shun’ is simply a manifestation of the ‘dark side’ in yourself that you are desperately trying to deny.

This ‘Love and Light’ syndrome is hugely prevalent in the metaphysical/4th dimensional sector – it’s like a hatred of hate buried deep beneath a sugar-coating of rosy gold light.

In this new era of Oneness there can be no judgement as to who is ‘worthy’!

And the mission of the Lightworker is not to run away from negativity/problems/darkness but to bring light and healing energy to EVERY situation.

So if you encounter a ‘negative’ person, remember they symbolise a piece of you (or humanity) which needs to be brought out of the darkness, integrated and healed.  Not rejected or run away from.

Yes it’s uncomfortable – and oh so tempting to stay in that cosy bubble of Love’n'Lite where there are no jagged edges – and definitely no ‘messy’ bits to deal with.  

But this is the Path which we are all now being called to follow.


Vision. Vibration. Commitment. Faith.

posted: October 13th, 2013

Over 40 years’ business experience  has taught me that ‘success’ has nothing to do with what’s written in the Business Plan…  

It comes down to these four qualities:


How big is your dream?  What’s your desire to serve?  How many people do you want your business to impact?

Very few people I meet even start out with the desire to do something BIG.  They just want to create a nice lifestyle; some even tell me they just want to ‘survive’.

Hence why two thirds of all businesses fail and of the ones that do ‘survive’, only 5% make any money.

The thing about having a Big Vision is that it leads to Big Thinking – and thus to Big Energy, which is what leads to:


Creating a business requires a HUGE amount of energy to break through the inertia and get into Momentum.  And once you have achieved momentum a business tends to acquire a life of its own!

It’s easy to spot the successful entrepreneur – their ‘vibration’ (call it energy or charisma if you like) is much higher and more powerful than the average person.  Most people can achieve this ‘vibration’ of great positivity and enthusiasm from time to time, but very few can sustain it consistently, day-in day-out over the period of time needed for a business to take root and flourish.

It’s the kind of sustained energy focus which eventually makes water boil (or that brings you to orgasm!)

Successful entrepreneurs have a very powerful vibration.


Not just commitment to yourself and your own desires/needs (that’s easy!), this is a commitment to everyone the business touches.

Commitment to customers that you will ensure they get great products and service (even if it takes a while to find a way!); commitment to investors that they will receive a massive return on their investment, commitment to your co-directors that you are there for the course – no matter what happens.

It’s very easy to sustain a commitment when the going is good.  The challenge comes when the going gets tough!

In my experience very few people actually do what they say will do.

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that follow through on their commitments.


There are only two states:  Fear or Faith.

In any moment you can only be in one or the other.

Fear is the natural state of expecting things to go wrong.  Faith is the natural state of expecting things to go right.

When you add Faith in a higher power (whether you call that God or The Universe or The Divine Plan) a business literally becomes unshakeable.

“Faith is a living and unshakable confidence. a belief in God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.  Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

These four qualities are embodied in our latest business venture SourceTV

The Vision to become a £multi-million Global Transformational brand

The Vibration of three highly experienced and passionate directors at the heart of the co-creative collaboration – Kevin Stein, Gary Stern and myself.

The Commitment to the Thought Leaders using the platform, our investors in the business and above all, a commitment to empower humanity

Unshakeable Faith in Divine Guidance as we act as channels for God’s awesome plan – for ‘Source’ energy.

If you’re a Thought Leader who would like to be featured on the SourceTV platform why not submit a video for inclusion in the new SourceTV mobile app launching in November?  It’s free and details are at

If you’d like to help us establish the business as well as acquire a stake in SourceTV you can be part of our Crowdfunding on the new Angel’s Den Crowdfunding site at

We invite you to be part of this business adventure!

With love,

Rachel x



The Moment Murray Won Wimbledon

posted: July 10th, 2013

Sunday 8 July 2012.  Andy Murray’s dreams of winning Wimbledon have just been dashed after losing to Roger Federer.  He breaks down in tears when

Murray in tears after losing 2012 Wimbledon Final

Murray in tears after losing 2012 Wimbledon Final

making the runner up speech.  And the crowd’s hearts opened.

In that moment a piece of magic happened – Britain’s greatest player for decades went from being tempestuous, egotistical and somewhat hated, to talented, vulnerable and most loved.  In that moment, we were all reminded of the horrible agony of what it feels like to have our dreams dashed.

On that healing wave of love, a few weeks later Murray returned to Centre Court to defeat Roger Federer and win Olympic Gold for Great Britain.  Finally, he replaced the ‘vibration’ of losing at Wimbledon with the ‘vibration’ of winning.

Sunday’s symbolic final on 7/7 – which saw Murray become the  first male British winner for 77 years – was a masterclass in demonstrating how having an audacious goal, backed by passion, determination and perseverance can help you manifest the most incredible things.

But no man is an island, and success is made much easier when it comes on a wave of love.

The crowd were just as much part of Murray’s winning team as his circle of coaches, trainers and mentors.  His victory was their victory.  He inspired the entire nation as well as millions around the world.

In that moment Murray demonstrated that any dream is achievable when it is born from a place of passion, focus, determination and love.







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