Barefoot and The Dragon

This week found us at the launch of Glastonbury Global Radio where Barefoot Doctor and I have a new show ‘Barefoot and The Dragon’ playing out across the airwaves as from next Monday.

We’ve just recorded our first episode – a metaphysical take on global events with a bit of fun thrown in…

It’s ultra-exciting as Glastonbury Radio has just been taken over by a Hollywood syndicate of investors with the plan to create a multi-media channel broadcasting metaphysical themes worldwide – with a whole host of A-list celebrities joining the station.


Our show is going out at on:

Monday 19 March 00.00 to 1am and 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday 21 March 5am to 6am and 9pm to 10pm
Thursday 22 March 3am to 4am and 1pm to 2pm
Friday 23 March 12noon to 1pm and 4pm to 5pm

Please do listen in and let us know what you think!

Rachel x


2 thoughts on “Barefoot and The Dragon

  1. This is a great idea, to team up with a ‘mission specialist’. I am discovering more and more that it is teamwork that produces results, you have to know your thing and know that someone else knows their thing and work together.

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