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This month I fulfilled a lifelong ambition by flying to Kuala Lumpur to train as a Master Practitioner in feng shui with worldwide guru and best-selling feng shui author Lillian Too.

I’ve been interested in feng shui for over 20 years and increasingly as I now visit businesses to give mentoring guidance I can immediately ‘see’ all the problems within the business just by reading the energy of the place the entrepreneur is living and/or working, the moment I walk in the building. So I wanted to build on that intuition by learning feng shui (which is both an art and a science) properly.

Feng shui is simply the study of energy (or ‘chi’) through the environment.

When you have good energy within your home or business it brings good luck, abundance and fortune easily and effortlessly. However when the energy is working against you life feels like you are swimming against the tide and everything becomes a struggle.

I experienced the magic of feng shui first-hand when the original office of Red Letter Days was ‘feng-shuied’ in the early 1990’s by Sarah Shurety – who was then the feng shui writer for the Daily Mail. When we made the simple changes which Sarah suggested Red Letter Days quickly took off – and went from a £300k T/O business to a phenomenal £10million T/O by 2001.

However our lease ran out and we were forced to find a new home for the business very quickly. Without time to consult Sarah I found a big office on the top of the hill next to Alexandra Palace in Muswell Hill, and almost as soon as we moved there our problems began.

It was like fighting an invisible energy which was stacked against us.

The staff started in-fighting, the bank bonded our credit card takings, we plunged from £1million profit into a £4.7million loss, there was fraud, lawsuits and all manner of conflicts arising.

I now know that being sat on the top floor of a building right on the top of a hill is a feng shui disaster. You have no support and all the money you make flows straight out again – there is nowhere for the ‘chi’ to gather so it all just slips away. There are no amount of cures that can correct this, the only real solution is to move office (or home) – and that is what Peter and Theo must do if they want to turn around the fortunes of Red Letter Days (it has lost c£10million since they bought it out of administration in 2005).

The good news is that for most businesses and homes there ARE things that can be done to enhance the chi, as well as suppressing any negative energy or afflictions which are affecting the property.

For example, one of the big questions I had in my mind when doing the course was what was causing my own wealth to be blocked, as well as attracting struggles and conflicts with third parties.

I now realise that I have the double flying star 7 at the front of my home which in the period of 7 (1984 to 2003) was highly auspicious but in the period of 8 (2004 to 2023) symbolises theft, robbery and loss. No wonder when we took over the house in 2007 all of the windows had been screwed down shut – as the previous owners had been burgled a year or so before. There are also afflictions to several other sectors which all symbolise blocked wealth luck.

The good news is that I now know how I can change the property to a ‘period of 8’ property which is highly auspicious and will transform everything – watch this space! In the meantime I’ve placed simple cures in all the afflicted areas.

So if you are experiencing problems in your life or in your business it may be rooted in a problem with the place where you occupy your time… Our environment has such a huge impact on our health, wealth, relationships and general well-being.

Now that I am qualified I am planning to introduce a feng shui review as part of my initial session for every one-to-one client that I agree to mentor. If the energy of the environment is working in favour of the business it makes my job so much easier!  For more details see my page on Mentoring.

With best wishes for a magical Monday.




7 thoughts on “Feng Shui

  1. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you Rachel, as someone who is both a realist and an optimist who refuses to be ‘down’ and picks herself up from whatever befalls her.

    I will watch your Feng Shui journey with interest.

    Kindest regards as ever.


  2. Any chance you could occasionaly give out some helpful hints FREE of charge. Your emails always sound so interesting but you never share even the smallest of your secrets.


  3. Although I’ve heard of Feng Shui it’s not something I’ve looked into before Rachel, but you have ignited an interest, so it’s something I’m going to delve into further. Thank you for inspiring me :)

  4. Your a torch which guides others through the darkness of business- thank you for your invaluable advice and support which helps many others to achieve inner & outer success!

    Best of luck with your newest venture and exceptional business savvy!

  5. Andrew

    My site has lots of free tips!

    As regards the feng shui, I’ve just invested in the training and the knowledge so why on earth should I come back and give it away for free??? I’m not a charity.

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