Last Ever Virtual Mentoring Session

The last ever Virtual Mentoring session took place on Wednesday 28 September 2011 where we showcased some of the businesses I have helped and learned the things that have worked for the entrepreneurs involved. Listen in for a fascinating insight into these stories of success:

Last Ever Virtual Mentoring Session 28 September 2011 from Rachel Elnaugh on Vimeo.

It’s been a fascinating journey and I thank all those who were part of the mentoring network – such a fabulous group of people!



PS If you would like to join Soila Sindiyo’s new Emerging Women’s Network all the details are at


2 thoughts on “Last Ever Virtual Mentoring Session

  1. That was some finish Rachel. It was great to hear all the success stories – a great testimonial to the energy, effort and passion you put in. It was also great to hear those who have been inspired both by you and the other successful entrepreneurs like Julian, Kevin, Josefa and others.
    So thanks is a little understated but I am sure I speak for most who were on the call yesterday.

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