Mad March

Being a professional speaker is often ‘feast and famine’ – and after a few weeks where I’ve only done a couple of events, March looks like it’s going to be crazy!

On 4 March (this Friday) I’ll be delivering the keynote speech at the Business and Enterprise Annual Conference in Oxfordshire together with Amar Lodhia founder of The Small Business Consultancy  This event is aimed at Head Teachers and educators and is all about how we get better enterprise education in schools, a passionate subject of mine.

On Tuesday 8 March I’m heading up to Newcastle to host the Achieve International Woman’s Day Conference for the Entrepreneurs’ Forum – they have lined up a truly sensational array of hugely successful women to inspire and educate you!  Not only will I be speaking about my own entrepreneurial journey I’ll be hosting the entire day’s proceedings.

On Friday 11 March I’m flying out to Jersey to speak at the ICSA Awards about triumph over adversity – an evening of great celebration and merriment awaits!

On Monday 14 March it’s the Women Unlimited conference at the British Library in London where we will be taking on the world!  I’m loving all these ‘girl power’ themes happening at the moment…  I’ll be talking about the Five Magic Elements which will help you transform your financial fortunes.

Finally, on Saturday 26 March I will be at the Millionaire’s Boot Camp for Women – details to follow!

Nor forgetting preparations for my own next big event with Internet Marketing Expert Mark Attwood on 7/8/9 April

Phew it’s going to be a fabulous high energy month!  I hope to see you soon.




One thought on “Mad March

  1. Great job Rachel. Glad to see you are still going stronger than ever. I feel your time is coming. More people will need to look failure in the face than ever before and your insight into it and honstesy will become increasingly invaluable. I am finding more people want to talk to me than ever before. Whether speaking on BBC radio, in the family or with people on the streets.
    They are frighthened and are right at the beginning of ego breakdown. Being an old timer f*up does have its advantages.. referring to me of course ;)

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