The Big Om

I’m delighted to announce the latest experience I am involved in – creating ‘The Big Om’ at Wembley Arena on 12.12.12.

This mass sound healing event is being lead by Barefoot Doctor and you can get involved with the crowdfunding initiative for which you’ll receive a generous allocation of priority front of arena tickets.

I hope to see you there!


10 thoughts on “The Big Om

  1. Hi Rachel,
    As of yesterday, i’m in on The Big Om too – ‘laughing with the beat’. I just missed the Harmonic Convergence back in 1987(?) as I was still asleep then, but I’m wide awake now. Were you in on that?
    I’m glad to be working with you and like-minded souls here.

  2. I’m writing to thank you for all you do to inspire and help people, and to ask if I could
    contribute/help/support your Big OM event!

    I am a spiritual teacher, speaker and author.

    I love what you are doing.

    Thank you, Ian

  3. Yes all support is welcomed Ian – please email me rachel [at] and put The Big Om in the subject title Rx

  4. What a fantastic event – just pledged for two tickets – looking forward to it!

    I know a few health/wellbeing/spiritual centres who would I’m sure be happy to distribute fliers/efliers to their clientbases, if this was of interest?

  5. Yes Erica definitely – we are currently planning the whole marketing campaign and will be welcoming all affiliates and joint promotions… In he meantime it would be great if you spread the word about the Crowdfunding Initiative



  6. Hi Rachel
    What a brilliant sounding event, it should bring healing to a lot of people. I am a healer, spiritual teacher & author working in the North West and will promote the event through everyone I meet and in talks that I am doing.
    Best wished in this amazing venture.

  7. Hi Rachel – love the whole idea of the Big Om. I am a lifecoach and devoted yogi and will be helping with the crowdfunding. Need more details though!

    Love and light

  8. The Crowdfunding project has now closed – many thanks to all who supported us to help us hit 108% of target!!!

    Tickets will go on sale on 12 June 2012 – details to follow


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