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Those of you who have followed my Blog and messages on Twitter will know that I am fascinated by the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how the power of thought (both positive and negative) can dramatically impact our lives.

So I was delighted to be asked to contribute to a debate on all these themes at a fascinating and what I believe will be the most thought-provoking and possibly life-changing event – ‘The Message’ , which is happening next Friday 5 March.

The Message is being organised and hosted by Alan Forrest Smith, who is an extraordinarily charismatic talented speaker and also one of the world’s most successful copywriters (he spoke at my Marketing Magicians event in London last year). Alan is also profoundly spiritual and has a passion to help people achieve the life of their dreams.

At the event, Alan and other amazingly talented and absorbing speakers will be sparking a debate around questions such as:

– Does the Law of Attraction really work?
– How do I attract wealth?
– How do I find the perfect relationship?
– How can I achieve total balance and harmony in my life?
– Why isn’t all the great stuff showing up in my life yet?

It’s all happening at The Monastery in Manchester next Friday 5 March from 10am to 4pm and ALL the ticket price is going to The Monastery to continue the renovation of their amazing building. Full details are at

If you are at a crossroads in your life, in need of clarity, or simply want to step off the rollercoaster for a few hours to be inspired and to reflect on life then you should really make the time and space in your diary to hear The Message.

It’s going to be a great day!




2 thoughts on “The Message

  1. Having just come across your site by recommendatiion and having read your blog about your experience with Landmark Education, I thought I would read some of your other posts.

    I would like to let you know that I wrote a book about Law Of Attraction which you can find here:

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    The book is available from Amazon or Lulu, or if you live in London you can pick it up from Watkins Book Shop.

    Kind regards,


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