This weekend my life was transformed.

I want to tell you about it.

For months now a very close friend (who is also one of my coaches) has been trying to get me to do the Landmark Forum.  And I had been very effectively resisting.  Behind all the usual ‘I’m too busy’, ‘The time’s not right’, ‘My nanny’s ill’ excuses.

But (after booking and cancelling no less than three times before) this weekend I finally – and rather indignantly – DID IT!

When you enrol in the Forum you have to write on the form three things you want to get out of it. 

Mine were:

  • To endure the entire three days (I’m notorious at getting bored/irritable and bailing out of courses/projects/commitments when things get uncomfortable – so it was a personal challenge for me to actually stick with something to the end – and notice my use of the word ‘endure’!)
  • To clear the ‘blocks’ which seemed to be standing in the way of all my ‘cosmic orders’ from working
  • To try to understand why I had such an addictive personality – i.e. everything to excess

And so I sat there on the first morning, one of 150 in the audience, thinking ‘There’s no way I will last this’ ‘These aren’t my kind of people’ ‘I’m not broken – so there’s nothing to fix!’ and ‘What the hell am I doing here???’

But I had set myself a challenge to stay with it – 9am to 10pm over three days – no matter what happened!  A HUGE commitment for busy old me…

As a trainer who runs my own workshops I’m also fascinated to see how others do it – and I was instantly impressed by our Forum leader David Ure.  His loud and over-bearing manner seemed to be irritating a lot of the audience, but it felt to me as though he was totally in command – and that there was much exciting stuff to come.

After the first three hours of being told about how our lives were playing out currently, the fact that we had never been properly listening up to now, the fact that we were never truly present to situations, we were then invited to leave if we wished to (with a 100% refund) – but if we stayed it would be with a commitment to fully participate (rather than just sit as an observer) in the process. 

No one left!

The whole weekend simply consisted of people getting up to the microphone and then David giving his observations.  In the beginning, people were invited to say what they wanted to get out of the Forum or what they wanted to know, and then as we progressed through the exercises we were set at every break and at the end of every day, we were invited to say what was unfolding for us.

In the exercises, we were invited to be authentic with people close to us, to write letters to people truly expressing how we felt, to make those phone calls that up to now we had been frightened of making.

And as each person came up to the microphone to share their experiences, certain stories were just incredibly emotional and moving.  And every time you were truly moved (to tears) by someone else, you started to realise it was touching something very deep inside about YOU.

My first big breakthrough came at 5am on the second morning when I suddenly woke up with a realisation about my childhood which was truly an ‘Oh-My-God-that-was-so-obvious-why-did-I-never-see-that-before’ moment.

My letter that first day was to my children – apologising for not being a good enough mother to them (I’d been too busy chasing money fame and fortune all my life), and then later I had emotional conversations with two of them which I’d never had before.

By the end of the second day I fully understood what had been driving the ‘Soap Opera’ of my life.  When you get to that point of realisation, the ‘Soap Opera’ collapses.  It simply falls away.

I knew from my previous transformational work that it was important to ‘hold the space’ to see what else was going to happen – it’s so easy to think ‘I got it, now I’m fixed & sorted’ and switch off – so I stuck with it.  By the end of Day 3 I finally understood the ‘Meaning of Life’. 

Yes I really got it!!!

I’ve spent the past five years reading all the self-improvement and transformational books going – plus attending lots of courses and seminars and experiences around the subject, including meditation and all the rest of it, but I can truly say that I have not experienced anything as powerfully tranformational as the Landmark Forum.

It is not a teaching, or something to learn, so much as a process – a tranformational experience.

It’s not about getting to a better improved version of the old you, it is about getting a totally new perspective on life.  And it addresses parts of you which you had no idea whatsoever existed – let alone needed sorting!

As part of the course, at various points we were invited to ‘enrol’ others on the Landmark Forum.  The idea being, once you have ‘got it’, it’s easier to make life work when the others around you ‘get it’ too.  But every time that message came up, it was interesting to observe the huge resistance which started to fall on the room. 

As a marketer I think I understand practically every marketing technique and sales process there is going – and I too have sat through those inspirational/motivational events which are simply about trying to upsell me to the $10,000 programme.

But this was no such ‘upsell’.  It was simply asking us to consider who else we knew out there who might also benefit from going through the process – particularly all our loved ones. 

Isn’t it strange that we can easily go out and think nothing about spending £300 on a new handbag or TV, but when we are invited to spend the same money on completely tranforming our lives somehow it is a ‘sales con’? 

Isn’t it strange how we attach so much importance to ‘cost’ in life and so little to ‘value’?

On the Sunday evening, previous ‘graduates’ of the programme who had got their loved ones on to the Forum were invited along.  People on the course were invited to come to the microphone and give a message to that person. 

One woman was in tears, telling her husband how much she loved him, how she was sorry for being a self-righteous selfish cow up to now, and how she was now going to commit to making their marriage work.

Old cynical me would have written that off as vomit inducing schmaltz. 

New transformed me sees that as something truly magical.

It’s only a day since the intensive part of the Forum has ended, but already I have seen some incredible changes in my life. 

I am starting to ‘show up’ in a totally different way in every situation.  My relationship with my children, and how I am when I am with them has been completely transformed.  And my energy must certainly somehow have shifted – as suddenly complete strangers are opening up conversations and having little jokes with me!  I even sat having a conversation with the man opposite on the train from Birmingham to Manchester yesterday – and that would certainly NOT have happened in my old life!

The Forum ends with a ‘graduation’ evening tonight at the Holiday Inn at Regent’s Park in London.

I would like to invite you to come along, as my guest, so I can share my incredible experiences in more detail.  The evening starts at 7.30pm and ends at 10.45pm – and you’ll also get to hear all about the Forum for yourself.

Yes it is totally FREE, no I have NOT been brainwashed – and NO I don’t get an affiliate commission for every person I sign up!!!

It is simply an invitation to experience something which has already had the most incredible effect on my life.

There’s no need to register – all you have to do is show up at the Holiday Inn, say you are there for the Landmark Forum evening, and at check-in say you are my guest.  I’ll be there from 7pm so seek me out!

I really do hope that you can make it.

Have a wonderful day.



71 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. There are more ways than one of separating someone from their loved ones. I find I can’t have a conversation with my sister any more without her pushing me to take this course. Any reason I give is branded as “resistance” as if I lack the maturity to make good, balanced decisions. This is all done in the name of love. It has driven a wedge between her and the family. She now wants to pressurize my wife and has already tried to pressurize my neice and nephew, both young teenagers.

    Look at the methodology: techniques such as presenting people with “all-or-nothing” choices, long hours with short breaks designed at wearing people down, public humiliation, big claims about what the course offers.

    It would be wrong of me to dismiss everything this course does and the ways that most of you say it has helped. I would simply want to encourage you to see that self-empowerment is not the highest good and to be open to the possibility that any human philosophy is flawed and has its darker side.

  2. Jamie

    Boy, does it sound like you could do with actually experiencing Landmark – rather than sitting on the sidelines in judgement of something you’ve only heard about second hand.

    I continue to be amazed about the breakthroughs I am achieving as a result of participating.

    Hold the space of possibility that your sister may actually be trying to offer you the most amazing gift.


  3. Beautifully said Rachel. You never cease to inspire me by who you are being for others.It takes real courage to stick your neck above the parapet and be a stand for what you believe in …and you do it time and time again, often in the face of massive resistance .
    Love and admire you loads
    Marie-Claire xx

  4. Landmark Education is a business, and a very efective one too! people will always have something to say no matter what! i completed the forum 3 years ago and went onto become an introduction leader, and my experience of the education is nothing short of amazing. Like any other organisation, LE has its own polices and practices, you dont have to like them or hate them.

    Unfortunately, when people become confronted and challenged by their own lives they look to LE’s business model and call it a cult etc. LE gives you the tools and distinction to llive a powerful life, but you are responsible for being in action and see what you are committed to in your life!

    If you have not done the forum, then do it. If you have done it then review it, one of the best personal development training around! highly recommend it!

  5. May I simply say, Rachel, I am completely touched, moved and inspired by what you’ve written! My eyes are wet remembering what it was like on that Monday after the Forum when I realized I was FREE! Thank you for resurrecting that memory and feeling.

  6. Hi Rachele,

    What is your opinion about the course now that you did it almost 2 years back.

    If it was anything but brainwash or any thing such that won’t last long you would be in better place to judge it now than soon after the course.


  7. Hi Sandy

    It was a valuable experience at the time and I have since done more powerful work… but directly as a result of having done Landmark.

    I really do think it is worth experiencing these things for yourself first hand rather than going by the opinions of others – and trusting that the right teachers/experiences are arriving for you at exactly the right time.



  8. Hi guys I was just writing down some of my thoughts as someone who will soon do landmark.

    I will be participating in the landmark forum in a few months though I do find myself worried about it. An ex-member or senior member of my youthgroup particularly wanted the youthgroup, particularly some of the leaders to participate. I found myself a little (well alot) unwilling to especially considering as a poor university student and also unwilling to spend a weekend doing this.He called me up to speak about it and to convince me to do it, and honestly I felt quite pressured about it. I found myself being wary of the language he used, which is reminiscent of the language alot of other landmark gradutes seem to be using on the net.

    I honestly wanted to say no but I guess I’m too nice and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings about something he was so passionate about. I told him maybe and I would think about it and talk to my family, but he just said to me ‘But i can tell youre unsure about it and if I leave it you’ll just decide not to do it. What can I do to make you say yes?” he just kept on asking me that. When I brought up my concerns about the price he even offered that if my brother and I did it, it would only be the price for one and he would pay for it. It really showed me how much he believed in it and he told me, now that money isn’t an issue, why not? A few hundred is still an issue to me. I ended up telling him that if my brother did it I would. He exacted a promise from me and then called up my brother later. My brother agreed and I’m not one to break promises like that so here I am.

    So far, I feel pressured into this, but I suppose its just because he was very enthusiastic about it and didn’t want to take no for an answer. I’m going to the meeting and I will participate in it because I don’t want the experience to be coloured by pessimism. I’m just worried about their methods. I had to give the guy some things I wanted to get out of it and while they are things I want I think any sort of advice they give me regarding my relationship with my boyfriend would be more harmful than anything. Fingers crossed it turns out well

  9. This is a great representation of what the forum is about and what it can do for you. It gives you the tools and opportunities to create endless possibilities for yourself. It is still on you to accept what The Forum gives you and to act on it, but you did a very good job of explaining your journey through it Rachel and I think that’s awesome.


  10. My name is Brijesh and I have completed forum in 2004(in Irvine, LA) Advanced course, SELP(from Bangalore, India). Attended some of the seminars. Also assisted in many programs.

    In my opinion(it’s just my opinion :-)), for me it was a very good experience, life changing conversations. The friend, my manager, who introduced me to this program told me to go there with an open mind. There was no big issues in my life. Life was smooth. Landmark helped me to make it better. I don’t think i have shared anything during the Forum but I got lot of things. There are few distinctions/points, were i don’t agree with landmark. I think I did not get it properly. But that’s ok. There are many other points I completely agree with Landmark.

    Even today, there are moments in my life, where I use some of those techniques I learned from Landmark to handle some of the situations in my life. And it gives me great results. I have introduced many friends to landmark. Some of them were very happy, some were totally against it, some were neutral (including my wife  ). And I am perfectly fine with that. They are free to accept/reject it. My intention behind introducing them to landmark was- I want them to be happy as I am or more than that. It’s not that they are not happy now. But it helps them to take it to the next level.

    Landmark distinctions gives me lot of energy, new way of handling things, another perspective to anything in life. Now a days, when I think I need some positive energy, I will take the small notebook where I have jotted down some of things happened/learned in Landmark and it has always provided me the required energy. I can go on…

    Have a nice day.

  11. Just a quick update – I have just come back from LA where I did THarvEker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive. I didn’t realise when I booked it, but he trained with Landmark and there are a lot of Landmark processes within the weekend. Once again transformational! I feel as if I have been completely changed at a cellular level since coming back from LA. The wonderful thing about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing experiences like this is that things come up to get cleared that you were not even aware of!!! It’s simply awesome to get those kind of breakthroughs – because life runs much faster when the handbrake is off!!! Rachel x

  12. Great post. I did the Forum in January 2013, followed by the “Forum in Action” Seminar Series, followed by the Advanced Course in April 2013. I enjoyed some of the distinctions, but I’ve been frustrated that I didn’t at all get the same kind of ecstatic, transformation or high that you and almost everyone else seems to have gotten out of it. I want that, but it just hasn’t occurred for me that way. I think I participated in good faith, made the calls, etc. Is something wrong with me? I’m beginning to doubt everyone else’s account of their experience with it, because mine was so different.

  13. At the age of 50, I did the L Forum, then the Advanced course and two communication courses in 2008 and 2009. It has been the life changing experience for me … full stop. I waited too long. It is not a one-off vaccine, but you get the right “tools”, for your daily challenges.
    It did not bother me that I did not get ecstatic, nor was I concerned about others getting ecstatic. It’s about getting the idea and concept, then it’ll hit you right between the eyes, as a participant said. The environment of sharing and the concepts of Integrity (honouring our word), Responsibility, Forgiveness & Generosity, and being Authentic, is very confronting to the vulnerable Ego. If you are so critical of the LE courses, yet remain associated with it for so many years in some form or shape, you need to think hard, and reflect. Nothing happens if we stay “on it”, but I do realise this is safer for so many people; the downside/outcome is that tomorrow will be just like the stagnation of today and yesterday.
    The “pressure cooker” environment (again confronting to almost everyone) helps remove the brain rust of a lifetime (brain washing !?).
    A 24 year old female participant in the Advanced course I attended, has put the following analogy [just sit on the toilet seat and “let go”] … its just useless waste.
    The outcome is about Freedom, Empathy, Authenticity (no wonder why then participants get ecstatic). And for those critical of the LE jargon, it is about creating a Possibility … for yourself.

  14. What a roller-coaster of comments! From a cult to the one of the greatest things I’ve done in my life. Looking from a historical perspective, anything THIS controversial is worth first hand experience.

  15. Landmark Forum changed my life in 2001 after my wife, of 32 years, passed a way. It has continued to impact and transform my life to this very day. It’s a wonderful exploration of transformation of what I don’t know – that I don’t know”. Which I carry on through my journey of life in discovering “what it is to be alive”. It was the best investment to awaken me to boundless possibility by choosing to be open, free and conscious in the moment.

  16. Brent, I think one trap that people sometimes fall into with the Landmark Forum is to think that what you get out of it is based on how you feel and having some sort of ecstatic experience. I’ve gotten a lot out of the Landmark Forum and other programs, but it didnt have to do with feeling great. It had to do with taking actions and seeing the results over time.

  17. Welcome to the world of Landmark Education:). I hope you keep going through the curriculum. With your new found power – you have no idea what you can now do. Enjoy the discovery:) Simply multitudes of success stories out in the world of what people accomplished after taking on life following LM training.

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