Welcome to My New Site

Thanks to the help of my Internet Marketing Expert Mark Attwood and his Web Guru Steve Wild I now have a wonderful new site complete with WordPress blog which is going to be my canvas for some wonderful new content in 2010.

Oh what joy it will be to have more than 140 characters to play with!

Oh how I am looking forward to some lively banter from our friends Stephen, Mr C, The DLOG and Mr A Dragon again!

2010 has been a brilliant year so far – lots of clutter clearing, many new opportunities flowing and some brilliant projects in the pipeline.

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Starting with next week’s FREE live web chat (Tuesday 5pm) with the lovely Dawn Gibbins, Philanthropreneur, founder of Flowcrete (which she sold for millions in 2008) and creator of Barefoot Living.  Amongst other things, Dawn will be telling us how feng shui played a big part in her business success.  To book for this free webinar click here.

Both Dawn and I will be speaking at the World Feng Shui Day event at The Monastery Manchester on 4 February 2010 – one event you must be at this year.

Have a lovely weekend!



4 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Site

  1. Hello Rachel,
    Looking forward to commenting again. I think its fantastic that you feel able to engage with all of us online, when so many of your counterparts seem to be worlds apart from the rest of us.

    Good on you and all the best.
    Love & Light

  2. Today I really enjoyed your inspirational talk in Aberdeen University at King’s College conference. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable speech which motivate new entreprenuare to keep going and to make dream into reality.
    thank’s again.

    Shah Qumruzzaman

  3. Hello, I was at the event today. I was really interested to hear your story. I also just read your book and found it very interesting – I also love the Felix Denis book and that was one of my inspirations! I own a digital marketing agency – LimeTree.

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