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“Words cannot describe how helpful this programme has been for me. I missed it once it was over. It helps you streamline your thoughts, routine and life. Puts things in perspective. absolutely amazing and worth every minute that I have devoted to it. Have already recommended it to friends in need. Thank you Rachel. Lots of love, light and laughter” – Shivani x

This NEW IMPROVED version of my acclaimed Business Alchemy 28 Day Video Programme is specifically designed for you if you are in need of a quantum shift in your flow around money…

If you find yourself in a place of constant struggle with money, saying ‘I can’t afford it!’ one too many times, are sinking under a pile of debt or have experienced a financial wipe-out and need to re-establish your financial fortunes again – or even if you are starting out completely from scratch – then this programme is for you!


Launched in May 2012 Business Alchemy is already my most successful mentoring product ever with over 700 subscribers and it is getting rave reviews from those who have completed it.  (This new and improved version incorporates all the suggestions for improvements from those who took part in the original version). It’s the result of my 20+ years’ experience in business, plus 7 years of learning from my own experience of phoenixing from the loss of my first company Red Letter Days in 2005 – which not only wiped out all of my income but left me with huge personal debt and in a very low vibration around money.  I’ve since successfully mentored many, many entrepreneurs out of a place of struggle with their business and money into a place of wonderful flow and abundance.

New Business Alchemy works on a combination of third dimensional and fourth dimensional principles making it very powerful at creating magic in your life.

“Within the first week of the course I received 2 retail orders worth over £1,000 and now in the second week, I received another £1,000 order (June is normally a very quiet month for our business!). I’ve also reconnected with some great contacts I’d lost touch with (who’d contacted me out of the blue of course!) and new opportunities are suddenly opening up. What’s even more wonderful is that I’m also creatively unblocked and have finally made real progress with the design of a new product I’ve been thinking about for over a year.”

Over the past few years I’ve read practically every book there is on the subject of wealth creation, I’ve been coached and mentored by some of the best experts in the business, and I have also become an absolute sponge for creative ideas around effective marketing – even if you’re working on a shoestring budget.

I’ve also explored the energy work and metaphysical principles around wealth creation, the importance of healing your relationship with money and ways to shift your vibration to attract miraculous results.  Much magic can happen when you know how to tap into it!

Text received from one participant: “I just received 4 x Premium Bond Cheques !!! :-)”

And another email: “Your videos are a welcome and much needed boost. Every journey, magical mystery or otherwise starts with the first step. You have helped me do that. Thank you!!!! “

I promise you that the information contained in this 28 day programme will completely transform your relationship with money, as well as open the channels through which your future fortunes can flow.

“Hey Rachel Smile emoticon Smile emoticon Smile emoticon Just finished my last day! WHOOHOO!  this was fab ~ thank you SO much Smile emoticon  The best part of Biz Alchemy for me was ~ being accountable ~ having you as a mentor and coach ~ knowing you have been there with money debts ~ it gave me relief knowing that things can start to get better ~ it was as if you gave me permission to charge for the things and I am doing and services I am providing ~ biggest breakthrough for me ~ doing my video training program , uploaded and ready for sale in the same day and have already sold a few!  WHOOHOOO!  How does it get any better than this?  What else is possible?”

Here’s just some of what you can expect:

• Discover the 24 Golden Principles of Wealth Creation
• The biggest money mistake most people unknowingly make
• Learn simple ways to develop prosperity consciousness
• The No 1 reason that pushes wealth away
• How to make friends with bills & debt
• The simplest, most overlooked thing which will dramatically increase your fortunes
• Making the 80:20 rule work for you
• The quickest fastest way to achieve a quantum leap in your finances

…and much, much more

HOW IT WORKS:  Every day for 28 days you will receive an email with a link to a video typically between 5 and 10 minutes long at the end of which I set you a simple exercise in the workbook that comes with the programme.  To get the best results I recommend that you watch each video and complete the exercise in the morning of each day (when your energy is typically at its highest) for the entire 28 days (it takes 21 days to change a habit).  It’s a committment of around 15 minutes each day for the 28 days.  Please note, for security reasons the videos are not downloadable. As you complete the programme in this way you will start to see changes by Day 7 – and a complete transformation by Day 28.

The programme is a mix of the best marketing and business tips I know for fast results, combined with metaphysical energy work – so please keep an open mind if you are new to this kind of material.  It is powerful and it really does work.

I’m delighted that Business Alchemy is getting such rave reviews from the people who have completed it.  And to prove that I ‘walk my talk’ on how it is possible to create revenue streams from literally nothing, the series was created at zero cost using tools at my fingertips – proving you can create a revenue stream from literally nothing more than an idea.  With so many free tools at your fingertips I will show you that you DO NOT need huge amounts of working capital to create new revenue streams…  (That’s also why I can offer the Programme at such a low price – so please don’t expect all-singing all-dancing professional studio quality!)

“You asked in the first week about setting a short term goal of how much extra money I wanted to manifest itself and I set the target of an extra £500 by the end of the following week. This was additional money, over and above the money I knew would be coming in. In the end, I got £670! So things are already starting to flow!  These are great practical tips on how to generate a flow of money that everyone can easily put into practise. And they really do work.”

This Programme is so powerful and valuable I know it will deliver you value way in excess of its cost.  The NEW IMPROVED version of Business Alchemy – incorporating all the feedback from the hundreds of participants who trialled the original version – is now online.  The price was set by the original participants who I invited at their discretion to donate at the end of programme what they felt it was worth.

Business Alchemy 28 Day Video Programme + downloadable 32 page workbook  Normally £33 – NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2014 FOR JUST £14

To sign up click the PayPal button below and your order will be activated within 24 hours:

“Day 24 was a breakthrough day for me – it has set me up to reposition my face to face time with clients and create more products.  Thank you!  It gives me great pleasure to make an additional payment of £61 – bringing it to a total of £69”   

“I have just completed the Business Alchemy course and am delighted to be sending positive feedback and gratitude your way, as well as an additional £50 payment via Paypal.  I work as a Life Balance Coach, helping people focus and raise their vibration, so the content was familiar to me, but it gave me a very useful structure to crystallise a few things that have been front of mind recently.  Highlights include receiving a £300 tax rebate the day after setting the short term revenue goal for the week on Day 4, having a joy filled and successful lead generation campaign promoting “ascension consultations” which went so well due to me stepping boldly into communicating my passion and aided by the freedom in my consciousness created by the “ideas for wealth creation exercise” “

“I wanted to let you know that your advice in Day 19 seems to have helped me hit the jackpot !

My dwindling cash reserves (and probably also being an accountant) has resulted in negatively focusing on the lack of money whilst I am building two businesses. You said in the video about reversing the poverty mindset by respecting other people’s value… so …. I made a list of my contacts and wrote down ways I could incentivise/reward them by working with them.

I met with one of my contacts yesterday, a lovely lady who has set up various businesses, to discuss an endorsement that she kindly agreed to provide, free of charge, so she could help get my business off the ground (ie I would be leveraging and taking a very generous freebie from someone with an established business and “tribe” of contacts). 

Before the meeting I planned a structure for an arrangement whereby she will be benefiting financially from her endorsement (based on results – no upfront fees) and during the meeting she actually said to me that she couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to just accept her endorsement ! She accepted my proposal, she will actively endorse the products and business and as a result of my willingness to respect her value and to share the prosperity (which we have a good chance of generating now), I am certain that my financial return will far exceed the return I would have received had I simply accepted her kind offer of a freebie endorsement.

So, THANK YOU ! Your willingness to share your tips and knowledge at a price I could afford has helped me to appreciate the importance of respecting other people’s value… and I have now got tangible evidence of the fact that it works !”

 Rob – 

A transformation in your financial fortunes is just a click away…

Business Alchemy 28 Day Video Programme + downloadable 32 page workbook £33 – NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2014 FOR JUST £14

Here’s to your prosperity!

With love and best wishes,







* Statistics based on those completing the exit survey as at 18 February 2013


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