I was at an IoD event last night and found myself talking to the MD of an events company, explaining how much money my first company Red Letter Days used to make out of apathy.

All those experience gift vouchers bought by well-intentioned spouses and employers which went unused. Nigh on 25% of the profit on our turnover (c£4.5million) was generated because people just couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone, get off their arse and claim their gift.

And I see this time and time again in life. The people who say they are coming to an event but don’t bother to show, the people who invest in a transformational course but don’t get beyond day 3, the people who buy the book but never bother to read it. The people who are given a major life opportunity but find a reason to decline.

What a tragic waste!

Why are we wired to apathy!?

Easy. It’s safer to stay in our safe comfort zone than to step up, step out and expand our lives!

What if YOU said YES to all the opportunities/offers/information sitting there waiting for you to grab them TODAY?


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