Just in this past week I have variously been asked to do two separate speaking engagements (each over 200 miles from where I live), undertake an entire re-branding assignment, review a business plan, find finance for a start-up company and give mentoring advice.

All for free.  

With the vague promise of a benefit for me somewhere in the distant future…

My great friend and business coach Katharine Dever puts it beautifully:

‘Why should I shrink myself to meet your low expectations?’

As an ex-Dragon with a world of contacts, I’m someone who has a real capacity to leverage ‘freebies’.  Yet I actually make a point of paying for the goods and services I need.

It’s good old fashioned courtesy which shows real respect for the value that other people offer.

That’s why I chuckled just now when I read one of my favourite marketing gurus Seth Godin’s blogpost this week about Philanthropists and Bandits – it’s well worth a read!

And if you fall into the ‘Bandit’ camp maybe you’ll realise now why you never seem to have the resources to pay anyone.  Because when you don’t value others it’s a sign you don’t value you.

Have a great weekend!









One thought on “Bandits

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Totally agree about your views on people wanting freebies.

    I always liked the late Heath Ledgers line when he played ‘The Joker’ in Bateman; “If you are good at something, never do it for free”.


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