Lovely Money Ugly Money

It’s been a fascinating week, all the more so because I had a massive insight into money.  Which I would like to share with you…

On Thursday I had a VIP invite to go preview my fellow Dragons’ Den star Simon Woodroffe’s latest Yo!Home venture at the 100% Design show at Earl’s Court.

Amazing stuff; a space saving apartment filled with hidden walls, chambers and hydraulics which changes from living room to bedroom to kitchen to dining room as your day unfolds.  It’s just a concept at this stage – Simon was at the show ‘putting the energy out there’.  It’s the way you attract investors, backers and joint venture partners to a new project.

After I’d seen the demo I toured the show.  Beautiful stand after beautiful stand filled with the latest wall coverings, design lead furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, marbles & granite, wood flooring, light fittings and interior concepts.  It made me realise how much I love beautiful things.

Money is Luxury, Money is Beauty, Money is Stylish, Money is Gorgeous.

I then went on to meet my fabulous friend the Millionaire Coach Sue Stone for dinner at Joe Allen’s.  She’s just come back from San Francisco, was looking radiant and tanned, and on a really high ray of vibration.  Her appearance on Secret Millionaire has opened so many doors for her and her whole life is opening up.  Both of us are about helping and empowering others on their life journey; Sue has coached me and I’ve helped promote her so we are true collaborators – and I love, love, love her energy.

We shared copious glasses of wine, a delicious meal and plenty of girlie gossip and laughs.

At the end of the evening we split the bill 50:50 (no arguments about whether one of us had had a starter or who had more wine than the other), leaving a lavish tip.

Money is Fun, Money is Laughter, Money is Delicious, Money is Intoxicating, Money is Generous.

Next day I opened up my email to find a beautiful message of thanks for my Business Alchemy programme.  It had helped transform someone’s life and they were sending me a donation in appreciation and gratitude.  The monies received formed part of my PayPal balance which I used in part to order a small gift for a special friend.  When I came to check out the amount including postage came to exactly £33.

Money is Appreciative, Money is Honourable, Money is Kind, Money is Love.

Then later that day I had to deal with a legal matter in relation to a serious breach of contract dispute.  In good faith, I had helped a client turn a loss making going-nowhere front room start up into a profitable £multi-million turnover business including leveraging a major retail contract.  Four years down the line, having taken all my wisdom, advice and contacts he was trying to use a legal loophole to exit me on the cheap.  To me, it is the business equivalent of being raped.

Money is Greedy, Money is Manipulative, Money is Unethical, Money is Hate.

As a Business Mentor and a Transformational Coach I am always reading books and absorbing information around the subject of wealth creation and money – and later that night I listened in to a webinar by the Californian author and money guru Morgana Rae.  Morgana was explaining about the ‘Money Monster’ that lurks inside all of us which is the collection of all our negative experiences around money, usually reflected by the conflict people and situations occurring in our life.  Part of her work is helping clients understand (and then diffuse) their ‘Money Monster’ – and then replace it with a ‘Money Honey’ symbolising all the virtuous aspects of our relationship with money.

In listening to the webinar I really understood why the issue of money is so fraught in most people’s lives.

Like water, money is completely neutral.  But it can absorb any emotion (or flavour) you care to attach to it.  In the same way that water can bring life or be a carrier for disease, money can bring great joy as well as huge sorrow.  Like a beautiful waterfall compared to a giant tsunami, money can be a thing of great beauty as well as an ugly source of destruction.

Money is a base desire and very closely linked to the sex drive (read Napoleon Hill’s famous Think and Grow Rich chapter on ‘The Mystery of Sex Transmutation’).  It is governed by the first two chakras.  The problem is, in the world of coaches, healers, lightworkers and transformational changemakers, who tend to operate from the ‘higher chakras’ – of the Heart (working from passion and love), the Throat (speaking our truth), the Third Eye (intuition and psychic ability), and the Crown Chakra (connection to source) it’s easy for us to lose our connection with our base and sex chakra ability to make money.  Especially where evil, ugly, money grabbing, unethical, greedy, violent, dirty ‘Money Monsters’ still lurk in our psyche!

This BlogPost is my invitation to you to start noticing the emotional charge that you bring to money.

It’s a topic Stephanie J King and I will be exploring in much more detail at our brilliant new event ‘Soulpreneur’ at St Paul’s Cathedral, London on Thursday 18 October.  

When you can diffuse the ‘Money Monster’ and learn to connect, align and work through all the chakras, not only will you be creating great value in the world, you will also be in great flow and abundance around it.

Have a wonderful day!


Rachel x












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  1. People who like paintings, are visually orientated, they like pretty things.

    I often have tea at the Wallace Collection.

    ‘the true art is the art of living well’ – oscar wilde

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