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Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the cold & miserable January snowy weather, maybe it’s because everyone’s out of cash after an expensive Christmas…. but is anyone else noticing an overspill of ANGER seeping out from all sorts of places?

  • Angry messages on Twitter declaring that so & so has been BLOCKED for x y z messages…
  • Angry emails threatening physical abuse if the person is not removed from the mailing list IMMEDIATELY…
  • Angry blog posts (like this one!) generally giving vent to frustration over this that or the other…

The Anger Gurus amongst you will know that 80% of anger actually goes unexpressed.

Instead it simmers under the surface, and often rears its ugly head in all sorts of forms of non-assertive aggression.

Not so for the ‘exploding fireworks’ (i.e. people like me) who tend to let people know exactly how they are feeling in any given moment!

Not nice, but people know exactly where they stand.

There are a few problems with the simmering, often unexpressed anger.  

Firstly, it is one of the lowest ‘vibrations’ – meaning it’s difficult to attract great things into your life (especially money) when you’re brooding.  Ultimately if sustained over a long period of time it can lead to ‘dis-ease’ i.e. serious health problems and chronic illness.

Secondly, at a collective level, pent up anger can lead to uprisings, riots, rebellions and revolutions within society when someone puts a match to the tinderbox (and I haven’t even been to see Les Mis yet!)

As a serial Mrs Angry the thing I have learned to do with my white hot anger (when it is activated) is to transmute it into nuclear action energy – the kind of laser beam focus that can blast through blocks and power projects through to successful completion.

As a business mentor the thing I would most recommend is to unlock, express and release the anger.  Even beating up a pillow or cushion with a rolling pin works…  It may not be a pretty sight – and we have all been taught that anger is ugly and to ‘keep a lid on it’ – but in my experience it is often the quickest fastest way to make massive progress.

*Rant Over*



One thought on “Mrs Angry

  1. thanks for that blog.I found it more helpful.It is very rare for a business oriented person to be talking like this.I always appreciate the personality of Rachel Elnaugh anytime and I think so far that I have not been disappointed.Keep it up Rachel and God will continue to guide you.

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