S’not Fair

Lots of anger this week, firstly over the spending cuts, secondly over the bankers’ bonuses and now over how much Wayne Rooney is paid.

‘Why the hell should he be paid £millions when nurses are paid so little’ the ranters cry. 

S’not fair!

Let’s all face it.  The country is bankrupt, it’s going to take years to clear up the mess, and the fault lies in every one of us who lived beyond our means for far too long.  We spent money that never existed, we ran up £trillions in debt – and we’re now paying the price.

So, instead of blaming all and sundry, let’s start celebrating the wealth creators. 

Every £1 they create equals over 50% in tax. 

If Wayne Rooney gets paid £200,000 a week that means we get £100,000+ of it. 

If the bankers get £7 billion in bonuses that means we get an extra £3.5 billion+.

It’s all very well screaming ‘tax the rich’ but look what happened back in the 1970’s the last time we did that.  They all buggered off abroad.

We need to move away from this ‘benefits and blame’ culture into a mindset which celebrates enterprise and wealth creation. 

Where every single person is empowered to take responsibility for their life and their income – and to create their own prosperity.

Instead of wasting all their energy blaming others for what’s gone wrong.


14 thoughts on “S’not Fair

  1. Completely agree with this Rachel – far too many people would rather complain and moan about the success that others are achieving and they are not rather than actually do something about it.

  2. It is nothing to do with people having more money than others
    It is in the methods they use to obtain it
    And the bad pr that surrounds them

    A man can be a millionaire but he doesn’t need to use corrupt methods to obtain it and he doesn’t have to be caught with his nose in the trough and exposed to the media.

    So it isn’t how well they have done, but the impression they give to the general public that they obtained it less than honestly. And that they are basically desperate people trying to hold on to power that they don’t deserve. That about sums up our leaders.

    Understand all that and there is some basis for moving forward.


  3. I also completely agree. It’s very easy to direct energy towards a victim mentality and therefore add to that energy. We should celebrate success and be a very active part of that success.

  4. Stephen

    I think karma will sort out the old ‘much to few’ paradigm abusers of power… Let’s focus on new paradigm wealth creation – ‘much to many’ through collaboration, ethics and honesty.

  5. Rachel, i have an idea to stop the banks blackmailing the general public. I will send you an email.

    Also i am getting somewhere now with my projects to get the unemployed and people with depression back to work.

    I will email you.


  6. Whoever holds the money holds the power… Is anyone else finding increasingly that you open your bank account to find that money has been ‘taken’ for one reason or another? I had £500 debited by HSBC the other day for a ‘renenwal fee’; in Red Letter Days era Barclays regularly took ‘admin fees’ of £50k even £100k for ‘servicing’ the credit card bonding THEY had imposed. And of course there is nothing much you can do about it apart from get into a lengthy legal dispute. It really is like legalised theft. I think Banks are very close to losing trust – and when that happens trust in currency is not far off.

  7. This tory government have clearly targeted the poor because they are the only ones that have no power to blackmail them. Banks, rich people, the middle class voters all have their ways of blackmail. But the poor, well what are they going to do? Maybe start a riot or something. Shame is another ingredient here. The shame of this world lies in the leadership, yet we are constantly seeing shame attacks on the unemployed. In my town there are 10,000 unemployed people going after 150 jobs and now they want to haul more and more people on the dole queue, at the same time as getting those incapacity back into work.

    They are having a laugh.

  8. People aren’t happy unless they’re moaning, lets face it :) You’ve hit the nail on the head Rachel, people look at what other people have and whinge and moan, and you hear that old line ‘it’s alright for so and so’. We are all in control of our own destiny, but people are lazy and scared to take a risk or step out of their comfort zones, so they stay doing what they do best, plodding along, feeling hard done by and moaning. I don’t have any time for people like this. Yes Wayne Rooney is over paid, but he didn’t come from a privileged back ground, he worked at being a footballer and became successful, so hats off to him. Although is a complete b@%***d for what he’s done to Coleen!

  9. I find it interesting that Companies House revealed that over 200,000 new businesses were set up in the first 6 months of this year. This says to me that people are taking control of their own destiny. What would be very helpful for these entrepreneurs is help in setting down clearly definable goals for their life. Rachel makes a really good point in saying that people need to take responsibility for their own lives. Unfortunately we live in a blame culture and also in a society where we are governed by the perceived rules of reality. Highly successful people in life have clearly defined personal goals and a plan of action on how they are going to accomplish them. They also, as I’m sure Rachel will testify, create their own rules and do not look too much at the reality, otherwise they’d never jump off the cliff into the unknown. Dream like a child and think like an adult and you’ll create virtually anything you want in your life. Its a shame that schools do not include this type of teaching in their curriculum – could be an interesting project! Anyone up for it?

  10. Rebecca, i don’t think you are reading the situation right. In the past i would have agreed with you, but someone turned the “blackmail volume” up and a lot of very poor people are going to be hurt by it. You can generalise that everybody has the same opportunity, but you would be grossly wrong by that.

    I see your perspective as that of the “pull the ladder up mob” who have been running this country into the ground for the past 20 years.

    When crime increases and you are afraid to go outside because the grave abuse of the poor overspills on to the streets, that it is when you will start to wake up to the reality.

  11. Alexander,

    It is all very well saying people should take responsibility for their own lives and i would agree. But many people don’ even know what taking responsibility really means and it is up to more educated people to do that. It is they that need the imagination, yet there is none forthcoming. If the government wants people to take responsibility who have never none it, they need to reach out and help people to go forward. Short sharp shocks unaccompanied by unconstructive approaches are likely to return them short, sharp shocks. It is time for this generation to grow up and help people out of poverty.

  12. Stephen

    There is a MASS of support out there – well there certainly has been up to now.

    To illustrate my point, about a year ago I was asked to speak at an enterprise event in Grimsby designed to help people get into business. Lots of speakers, lots of exhibitors, sponsored by the local Enterprise initiatives, FREE entry.

    Only a handful of people turned up.


    Because a) there is general apathy in that area, and b) there was a footy match on that afternoon

    You can provide all the water you like but people have to take the decision to drink.


  13. I do understand your point Rachel, but people don’t want people standing on stages preaching to them. What they want is decent jobs. Not jobs where the management team are weak and manipulative, but jobs where the people in the manager level positions are actually engaging effectively with those junior to them.

    The government have gone for the throat of the weak, useless and poor with a blunt instrument.

    They are not sincere about getting people into jobs. Never have been, never will be.

    People don’t turn up because the offer on the table is always the same.

    The value is all for the people on the stage. Not the people in the audience.

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