The Acid Test

There was a flurry of tweets about mentoring last night and one person asked me ‘What are the KPIs and success factors used to measure the achievement of deliverables in mentoring?’.

To which I replied; ‘Making Money!’

You see, for me that is the acid test of whether I have achieved success in helping a business as a mentor – whether or not they are making more money after my help than before I became involved.

So I was concerned to receive a separate tweet from ‘PiggyBankSaysNo’ to tell me they were at Day 57 of my Daily Mentoring Videos – but could not afford the £25 to buy any more. As these videos are designed to take people from financial struggle into flow I knew something must be wrong!!!

There’s usually two reasons why mentoring support doesn’t work:

1) Lack of ACTION on suggestions made/advice given, and

2) Being stuck in a Poverty Mindset

It didn’t take much analysis to discover that 2) was in dire need of attention!

We talk out future into existence through the words we use and affirmations we (often unwittingly) make. In this case, calling yourself ‘PiggyBankSaysNo’ does not augur success! Combined with a Twitter avatar depicting an empty piggy bank facing left (the past). Whatever you focus on you get more of – so my simple suggestion to PiggyBankSaysNo was to start by changing the name of the business to PiggyBankSaysYES !!!

Not only was the name changed that evening, the logo was replaced with a piggy bank facing right (the future) – full of money !!!  ACTION.

Creating the fertile ground to attract wealth always starts with setting the right intention!

I wouldn’t mind betting  that PiggyBankSaysYES will find that affirmation magically coming true very quickly in days to come….

(She also hadn’t been actioning the advice in the videos either – but that’s a whole other story!)

The message of this blog is: Positive Money Mindset + Inspired ACTION are key to getting results.



6 thoughts on “The Acid Test

  1. Positive Money Mindset + Inspired ACTION = Results. I have had to refocus my mind over the last few months but with imput from the GREAT Rachel has helped me to refocus. So result March 11 V March 10 and we are 40% up. A great result from all of our team

  2. I don’t agree with some stuff Rachel says but I can assure you that the biggest cause of failure is a lack of action. I see loads of would be entrepreneurs who talk a good game but actually lack the commitment to take a risk and do stuff. Sure you may fail to achieve what you want but doing nothing guarantees nothing will happen. I truly believe anyone can be successful whatever talent or resources they have. All they need is an action based mentality and persistence.

  3. There seems two kinds of success
    1. Success obtained by contrivance
    2. Success obtained through spirtual endeavour

    Contrivance is the domain of sheer will and deliberate action

    Spiritual endeavour the domain of dreams, passion and intuitivness.

    If you have one and not the other, that is generally ok. But with neither, you are in trouble.

  4. Hi Rachel

    Been offline but back on now. Ditched WordPress – [hoorah] & Squarespace in favour of Tumblr. Made my day today to find Bannatyne Digital on Tumblr too so I’m doin’ something right. Gotta trust the Dragon’s instincts eh Rachel!? They know a good thing…

    Not 100% sure re current blog theme but easily changed!

    If anyone reading this post does one thing when considering a new blog – look at Tumblr – seriously – it’s they way forward. It’s blogging meets Twitter in one! Look at what Bannatyne Digital are doing for their blog if you need inspiration!

    I’m also back on Twitter @shirleysjourney – got no followers as yet – inspiration and motivation welcomed ;o)

    Alternatively rise to the challenge and join Duncan and I on Tumblr and follow us both there.

    Anyways – onwards with my journey and thanks again Rachel for getting me to this point! Still a little unsure where I’m headed but all journey’s start with one small step!


  5. An interesting observation on the psychological aspect of success and business, but surely making money isn’t the only KPI – you must get such a kick from helping people.

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