The Big Con

Imagine for one second that you were a highly educated person who understood the ancient wisdom and secrets of the Universe, who, together with perhaps a small group of your similarly enlightened friends decided one day that you would take control of the world – who mainly did not know about this secret wisdom.

By controlling them it would bring you a loyal and subservient workforce, who would also fight any battle you decided to wage, and in the process bring you unlimited wealth and untold power.  But it would have to be done cleverly, in such a way that your ‘submissives’ actually enjoyed being controlled, and felt they were living a wholesome and wonderful life.

Knowing the Secret of the Universe – that you attract according to the level of your ‘vibration’ – as part of this process you would need to subtly bring people down from the highest vibrations (of unconditional love, empowerment, joy and optimism) into the lower vibrations created by fear.

First you might start to do this via religion.  First you’d have to wipe out/demonise paganism & witches (who understand the natural laws of magick); then perhaps create an ‘Angry God’ who gives out Commandments – and who punishes sinners with an eternity in damnation.

Most of your subjects can’t read, but you are wealthy enough to fund the artists – so it’s easy to create all the right ‘Heaven vs Hell’ imagery.

Then you create a ‘working class ethic’ that rewards your people for their toil and ensures that whole families are looked after as a result.

As part of this you provide the education system for all your peoples – which ensures all your subjects are taught lots of worthy knowledge – but none of the secret wisdom, which you know is so powerful.

To ensure these workers are kept happy you subtly introduce some highly addictive drugs into society which make everyone feel really really happy (yet are secretly working to keep their vibration low).  And make these drugs so acceptable that anyone who DOESN”T decide to take the drugs feel they are somehow boring or ‘not one of the gang’.

You could also promise these people a lovely big lump sum of money and ongoing pension when they get to the end of their useful working years for you (knowing they probably won’t live very long anyway).

As your plan works and your influence grows larger, you decide to mobilise your obedient forces to control other lands whose resources you need.  Creating terrible fear amongst the population of those foreign lands, thus disabling them from being able to overcome you with their own shamanic version of the magic.

You might also wish to create a media that permanently broadcasts bad news, again to create fear in the minds of the masses, alongside low vibration depressing soap operas on TV, which create the illusion that their life is way better than the poor wretches portrayed on screen.  Put a pub at the centre of these soap operas where the characters permanently hang out and make it seem normal that most people spend their life (and get their fulfillment from) drinking.

Now, one day a small group of people start to catch on to the ancient magic laws and (thanks to the advances in technology you have created) start to spread messages about this amazing possibility of attracting everything to you that you could possibly desire.  These people know some of the magic but not the whole story – so you still have the advantage of naivety when it comes to this kind of wisdom.

Because you now control the banks and the currency (and you have managed to break the old connection between precious metal and value) you are able to print more and more paper that your people BELIEVE is worth something.  You flood the markets with this paper and allow your subjects this wonderful new thing called ‘CREDIT’ (not called debt you notice) – which allows all of your people to have everything they ever wanted!!!

Wow this ‘Law of Attraction’ really does work!

But, at the point where everyone is now burdened with debt (sorry I mean CREDIT) you allow the entire system to collapse, plunging your people into fear around money – but cleverly passing on the liability to their future generations, while preserving the wealth of your fellow few (and your own children).

You then ask your people to accept the very necessary AUSTERITY measures – and promise them everything can all be sorted out via future ‘growth’ (even though you know that there are precious few resources left on the planet you and your ancestors have already stripped bare) – while you continue to live the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed.

Do I need to go on?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Biggest Con Ever Created.

You are actually part of a giant ‘Truman Show’ style ‘control and command’ machine.

Are you going to wake up to what is going on?

Or label me as a paranoid psycho failed entrepreneur?

Just my humble ‘thought for the day’.


Rachel x








One thought on “The Big Con

  1. No way are you “failed” “psycho” or “paranoid”. You a are sharing and enlightening as many people as you possibly can of exactly what is going on! This version of events has been broadcast by others for many years but unfortunately the so called masses are so entrenched in their ” comfort zone” ( which actually is extremely uncomfortable), they either can’t be bothered to change or too scared to take risks, even though deep down they know it’s true. The more people like you who spread the word and open eyes around the world, the sooner it will become a more acceptable version of what exactly is happening and people will be compelled to act because they will have like minded others to achieve things with. This is what you are doing and how fantastic is that! I hope and pray you don’t get burnt at the stake!or the modern day equivalent!! We’ll done Rachel. Keep on keepin’ on with what you believe in. Thank you so much for your desire to inspire others. Love Andy xxx

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