The Big Secret Business Problem

My Goodbye Poison blog-post last October – about my own struggle with alcohol through the high stress years of my Red Letter Days meltdown – was one of the most controversial and commented on things I have ever written.

It became apparent to me – both through the response to this blog-post and speaking to entrepreneurs at business events all round the country – that BOOZE is now business’s biggest secret problem.

The problem is, life has just become so overwhelming, accelerated, stressful and high pressure for many.

Alcohol is a handy seeming cure-all to relieve stress, zone out, get a fast high, step off the roundabout for a few hours…

Yet I was reminded by re-reading Jason Vale’s brilliant book ‘Kick the Drink… Easily!’ this week that alcohol is nothing more than a cleverly marketed highly addictive drug which, if you drink it, will gradually draw you in to consuming more. In this context there is no such thing as an ‘alcoholic’ – because everyone who uses the drug eventually becomes locked into a battle of trying to control their consumption.

The problem with alcohol is that it is so deceptive.

You think that you are getting a high, but what alcohol is actually doing is lowering your vibration, making it LESS easy to attract great business results. So you end up having to work harder & faster, which – guess what – causes you even more stress, and an even greater need to turn to booze to self-medicate.

Once you recognise the seductive trap you are in it’s so much easier to start making some life-changing decisions.

One huge positive influence on me has been working with a wonderful lady called Jo De Rosa – who herself escaped a life of addiction (to booze, fags, spending, cocaine, abusive relationships, you name it…) via transforming her life through yoga and meditation. Earlier this year she manifested an incredible retreat centre in Lavenham, Suffolk where she is now launching Retreats designed to help you too escape from addiction.

Sometimes to break a destructive cycle you just need to step out of your normal life for a few days and form powerful new habits and ways of thinking…

Jo’s retreat centre is truly superb. It has the relaxed atmosphere of a big country family home, yet is finished to the standard of a luxury boutique hotel. Not as serious (and far less expensive) than checking into The Priory…

If you are struggling with booze (or any other addiction) I do suggest that you take a look at what Jo is doing. She also gives an insight into some of her own addiction problems – it’s all at

I do hope that this blogpost has been helpful to you.

With much love,

Rachel x


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