The Broken Soldiers

As Ireland struggles to sellotape together its failing economy, students are marching in protest in London and the two Koreas look to be on the brink of war.

This month we’ve had outrage at George Bush claiming that waterboarding torture was legal and justified, the Chinese boycotting the Nobel Peace prize because a Chinese pacifist was the winner and Burma under political pressure to release pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi after 15 years of house arrest.

Meanwhile the Earth continues to cleanse itself with floods, volcanoes and other natural disasters.

When I was in Malaysia training under Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too earlier this month we looked at the meaning of cycles of time in Flying Star Feng Shui.

1984 to 2004 was the ‘Period of 7’ – symbolised by small metal, gold, the future, the West and the young woman. Hence the digital revolution, businesses based on futuristic technology, the surge in consumerism and material wealth, the strength of America and the rise of girl power.

However in 2004 we switched to the ‘Period of 8’ – symbolised by the mountain, knowledge, The North East and the young man. Thus we’re seeing the shift in power to China and the East, the rise of young male energy to replace the weary leaders of the old paradigm, businesses based on Thought Leadership and the switch in emphasis from outer riches to inner wealth (the cave of treasure).

The shift to the ‘Period of 8’ means that Flying Star 7 reverts to its true nature – all about violence robbery and theft. Those who flourished in the period of 7 or who chased its ideals have now become the ‘Broken Soldiers’ of the new paradigm – still trying to exert their influence using threats, manipulation, anger, violence and the abuse of power, while continuing to believe that ostentatious wealth is the measure of all success.

But while the Broken Soldiers desperately try to cling on to what little they have left, a silent wave of consciousness is gently sweeping them away to create the space for a new world order to prevail. One which is about peace, love, harmony and mutual respect – and working in collaboration for the greater good.

The old economy and ways of being have been proved to be unsustainable. We now need a new way of existing on this planet.

However the status quo will not let go of their last bastions of power without a fight – hence the polarisation we are now seeing as the old order crumbles.

A revolution is underway – but it is not one of anger bloodshed and violence.

It is a silent uprising of all that is good, great and nourishing in the world.

Peace will ultimately prevail. But I fear we’re going to experience much destruction first.


One thought on “The Broken Soldiers

  1. Wow…to many of us who are quietly working away in the background for peace and unity and a new cooperative way of doing business (on a small, local scale – yet still united around the world) – this makes total sense.

    There is fierce resistance to a world without drama – people are very attached to the drama of their lives – and it’s hard to let go (even for those of us who already see that this is not a wise way to live).

    Best Wishes,

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