Thought for the Day

In the corner of the room sits a small aquarium where 4 fish merrily swim in circles all day long.

They live a lovely safe and comfortable life, with no threats, conditioned to the monotony of their existence.

They are Masters of their Kingdom, blissfully unaware of the great rivers and giant oceans of the world and the myriad of fish and other species that inhabit them, as well as the adventures that could await them.

Outside the aquarium are 4 observers watching the 4 little fish and thinking ‘What a sad and pitifully limited existence, swimming in the same little circles – until one day you die’.

Are you too existing in the safe comfort zone of your small existence?

Or, scary as the thought may be, has the time come to venture into a much bigger aquarium?

Have a lovely weekend.



3 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Do you have to start in a small aquarium to go into a bigger one, or If you start on a bigger one do you never realise it? Does a silver spoon lessen the journey?

  2. Well I suppose you could always move from a big aquarium into a small one if you’re feeling particularly scared with life (and that’s what people frequently do) but in my experience growth comes from moving out of your comfort zone.

    If you have a silver spoon/lots of money there’s maybe a temptation to switch off or not bother, so in that respect, needing to generate cash is often a big motivator; it certainly has been in the creativity in my own life.

  3. Rachel, it’s nice idea (comparison) regarding the aquarium. It suggests the question: “Is big space the sufficient condition to growth?” Regarding money: it’s seems like tragicomedy when a mean stands for an objective. It’s funny view like a dog hunting own tail.:-) (English is not my mother tongue)

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