‘To VA or not to VA’ that is the question…

I’ve had some absolutely brilliants PA’s (Personal Assistants)  over the years – so how come I’ve never managed to have ANY luck finding a really good VA? (Virtual Assistant)

The first one always seemed to be ill with herself or her children – and when she eventually decided to wind up the business (because she was getting so many complaints/losing clients) the problems didn’t stop there – it turned out she hadn’t paid one of the people she had outsourced web work to (which we all thought she was doing herself) – who proceeded to take down all the websites she had created for the clients – and which they’d already paid for!

The second was an admin disaster who refused to take responsibility for anything, ending up with me hosting an event where, despite meticulous instructions,  none of the visuals had been arranged/checked properly – leaving the evening a disaster which I had to ad lib my way through.

The latest Worldwide101 I had really high hopes for – if the promises on their website http://worldwide101.com/ are anything to go by.

The first VA they supplied was hopelessly inept, managing within the first week to seriously annoy many of my key customers, chasing them for money which was not owed.  The second (replacement for the first) missed 3 urgent repeat emails from two key contacts – one resulting in a complete project meltdown and the other where disaster was luckily averted when the client called me direct.  It later transpired she was a new recruit to the company – who I was being used as a guinea pig to test out!!!

It seems to me that the world of VA’s is a bit of a graveyard for pre-digital-era ex-secretaries looking to make a bit of money around their family commitments, spreading themselves far too thinly across far too many clients – and hopelessly inept at dealing with anything which requires a grasp of technology.

I’d be interested in your views…

What is YOUR experience of hiring a VA?



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