VAs: Why you didn’t get the gig.

A week or so ago we took the decision to hire a VA for my new business

A high profile project working for a (I would like to think) fairly high profile entrepreneur – so quite a valuable contract with an initial budget of £1k a month rising over time.

We tweeted our need for a VA on Twitter a few times – and to be honest it only took a few tweets using the hashtag VA (which were picked up and then retweeted) to get a dozen or so applications…

Because I didn’t have a VA to manage this recruitment (otherwise why would I be recruiting you?) I had to find a way to deselect the enquiries down to a manageable number of possibles.

Here’s how I de-selected you:

1) I looked at your website.  Websites full of corporate stock shots text and logos but no personal content from you – pics of you or your team, videos, personal messages – were deselected.  Customers want to deal with REAL PEOPLE.

2) I followed up each VA who jumped hurdle 1) by calling the number on your website.  Many of these calls went unanswered or went to an answering machine.  You were de-selected!  If you can’t manage your own precious incoming calls how can I expect you to manage mine?

3) I had a personal call with those  that made it through 2) and then left it for a week or so.  Those who did not follow-up were deselected.  We want a VA with the tenacity and determination to see projects through.  If you don’t do this for your own business then you won’t do it for mine.

Congratulations to Sandra and her team at who got the gig.

Although their website is quite ‘corporate’, at least it included a page of pics of their team (look, these people may not even exist for all I know! But it created a great impression); the call was answered in person (albeit by what seemed to be an answering service) – but Sandra called immediately back.  She also followed up the call immediately and then again a week later.  (A big bonus was also her ability to offer us VAs in every key city worldwide as we expand SourceTV globally.  Again, who knows if they do actually have VAs in those cities but I trust that if we have a need Sandra will sort it.)

This was a really powerful example of how good marketing (whether that is being on Twitter or getting to the top of Google) is only HALF the story in business.






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