What’s wrong with iOS7

On Friday night I made the grave mistake of upgrading my iPhone to the new iOS7 software.  Everyone had been tweeting about it and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

After half an hour of updating, the task was complete.  No real instruction or guide as to what they’d tampered with I was just left to get on with it (maybe there should be a tutorial to show you all the new features?  Unless I missed it…)  In the absence of any sell in re: new features/benefits, all I was left with were the obvious disadvantages.

Firstly the psychedelic new colourway, which wouldn’t be so bad if my screensaver wasn’t a colourful depictation of the goddess Lakshmi.  My iPhone now looked like a hippy on acid…

Secondly the fonts, now spindly and in light colours – which are impossible to read at a glance for anyone slightly older with not such good eyesight.  And there are lots of times when you need to read at a glance!

Thirdly the first time someone tried to call me via Skype and the ridiculous Siri tried to answer the call, putting my caller on hold.  I gave up trying to use Skype on the device and had to go into my office and use my laptop.  (Does anyone actually use Siri???  Has to be the most irritating iPhone feature ever.)

But most annoying of all, is that sinking feeling that Apple (a brand I love) has started to lose it’s way.  Panicking that it is losing market share iOS7 feels like a knee-jerk reaction to the capture the teenage market, while turning it’s back on the ‘cool urban professional’ target market which made it so successful.  Washing away all the cool ‘retro’ design features (with their cleverly embedded feng shui metaphysical elements) which Jobs built in has to be a huge mistake.

Why impose this bubblegum monstrosity on us like a blanket dictat?

Why not allow us to opt for a ‘retro’ classic design option which we loved so much?

There’s an old saying in business ‘Don’t try to be all things to all people’ – because in doing so you often end up appealing to none.

Meantime, I’m spending a lot more time using my iPad – which refreshingly is still operating on iOS6.



One thought on “What’s wrong with iOS7

  1. You are correct. iOS7 generally sucks. My old wallpaper (a unique college logo) no longer fits. The typeface is hard to read. “Spindly” is a perfect description. Numbers (time, calendar) are hard to move without shifting the whole screen. In general Apple has reduced the intuitive feel of the iPhone, a critical element ’cause there are no instructions or someone to help.

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