Why The Economy Will Never Recover

I despair when I hear politicians talk about ‘the economic recovery’, as if there is some point in the future when all this ghastliness will be over and we can all go back to the good old days of having lots of money to spend on whatever we liked.

We realise now that those ‘good old days’ were funded by one thing.  Credit (or should that always have been more accurately be described as DEBT?) which we now discover was based on no underlying value.

Which in turn is why no one can answer the question ‘Where is all the money coming from for all these continued banking bailouts?’

The problem with times like these is that fear slows down the flow of money.  After all, the word ‘currency’ means ‘to flow’.  It’s like a giant game of musical chairs where no one quite wants to leave their seat and nervously hovers close to the chairs instead of merrily dancing round the room to the music.  No one wants to be the one left without a seat.

I was at a women’s event some years ago where I witnessed the same £10 note merrily trip around the room.  The first person bought a music CD from a lady at a stand, who then bought her neighbour’s aromatherapy oil, who then passed it on to the event organiser as payment for lunch on the day, who then passed it on to another lady as payment for another event she was hosting.  Same £10 note, but within 5 minutes £40 worth of value was happily exchanged.

And here’s where the problem lies.  There’s a limit to those underlying resources; the world is running out of ‘stuff’ to form the basis of the continued exchange in value.

The oil is running out, the oceans are emptying, there isn’t enough food for the entire population.  Even clean water is becoming scarcer.

The financial meltdown we are currently experiencing is actually a rather neat way of strangulating rampant consumerism and consumption – at least in the West.

And if the West was the alcoholic, the East was the distillery – because it now has fewer and fewer people to supply to.

What all this means is that if your business is based on tangible products you will find it increasingly tougher to survive over the coming years.

But the bigger worry underlying all of the above is people’s increasing anger about the way it has all been so badly mis-managed by the very people we have trusted to manage what goes on.  Our Governments.  It’s this building pressure-cooker of emotion, combined with the power of the internet for people to communicate and assemble that is the biggest concern.  It’s why the Government has just made legal its ability to monitor all electronic communication.

Yet there is a limit to how effective our ‘Command and Control’ culture can be.

And as I sit and watch my 5 young boys consume media like ‘Last Day of the Dinosaurs’ (which describes in detail how the majority of the race was wiped out by an asteroid and the means by which the few survived), films like ‘Terminator’, ‘MadMax’ and ‘iRobot’, and watch them playing war games on their Playstation/XBoxes, I can’t help wondering if they are already in training for some kind of gruesome future.







5 thoughts on “Why The Economy Will Never Recover

  1. I find everything I read of yours saps my energy and it would have been refreshing to have had an alternate view of a more positive future instead of your endless fears and worries about the future. I dont have your lifestyle and its unlikely that I will yet I see a bigger, brighter future than what you see. We all know the problems of todays culture. Maybe instead gratitude and optimism would be more helpful after all you’re in a far more influential position especially now you’re working with BD. I hope I havent offended you and I really dont mean to but I live in poverty but it appears Im better off, so please have a reality check

  2. A great article but I couldn’t disagree more. In the short run there are problems. In 1972 they said we would run out of oil in a few years. Now, they say 40-60 years but whatever it is I believe that humans will create and thrive – it is our nature.

    The UK has gone through a number of cycles since WWII but the good times have always come around. Humans are resilient – it is where the magic is!

    Your sons will solve our mistakes – I am confident in that!

  3. We are mirrors, and we also tend to attract what we are vibrating with on one level or another.

    This does not mean we are necessarily meant to resonate on all the levels we are currently on. We may still have some frequencies turned on which are no longer serving us. Some have outlived their purpose but continue on because we have not cleared them.

    Our emotional and mental bodies are incredibly sensitive, and unfortunately without energy work they will not become unblocked.

    If we have been in an intense state of fear or worry about something, this can create an energetic layer which stays with us and colours our perceptions.

    That’s been shown in what the bleep do we know, with regards to the connections our brains make. This is also accurate for energy healing and vibrational shocks and traumas. Unfortunately this is not something that modern medicine or drug research can really impact because it is vibrational, energetic, and not affected by chemical doses.

    Going back to the post, I think the economy, with regards to how it has been run, will not return to how it was. Pluto is in Capricorn for many years to come which means total transformation and rebirth to structure.

    We are in the energy age now. This is a movement away from the stagnation of a purely material age into one based more on frequency, vibration and higher principles where the old rule’s dont count anymore.

    The internet and web for one represents a facet more aligned with consciousness, transparency and connection.

    I do think the economy can grow, but not under the way it ever has done. The very foundations of the way we do things down to even how we conceptualize money, energy, love and service all need to transcend.

    The old rule’s have enabled greed, mis-matching and lack of transparency to occur. This has created isolation, despair and disconnect from the very source but has been completely necessary to help people *remember* who they are.

    In the same way a space shuttle uses up it’s fossil fuel to move onto the next level so too are we coming to embrace the energy age.

  4. Paul Allen and the rest of silicon valley are off into space to mine resources.

    Google ‘stratolaunch’.

    Bill Gates is wiping out polio and malaria.

    The future is bright !

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