In Aberdeen Again

From memory it’s been almost three years since I last came to Aberdeen.  

I used to be on the Board of one of the Enterprise Trusts and so made a monthly visit , and have many happy memories of the place.  That was in the days before everything went so badly wrong with the economy but Aberdeen is of course a little more insulated from the winds of downturn than most places because of its oil and gas industry.

So it was great to be back last night to speak to 250 students at the University of Aberdeen about ‘Finding Your Flow’ – a new talk I have created which is my entrepreneurial journey told in three Acts:  Act 1 – My ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ existence, as an employee working for others, Act 2 – My Red Letter Days rollercoaster era and Act 3 – My new role in the Enterprise Sector which has emerged through going with the ‘Flow’ of new opportunity.

It is a talk about the power of intent and the art of allowing, and understanding that when life takes you from Point A to Point B via Point C (which is often a place you visit while kicking shouting and screaming NO!!!) there is often a very good reason for it!

I didn’t ask for a fee for speaking last night but I received my reward in so many other ways – a wonderful expenses paid trip staying in a lovely suite overlooking the North Sea, dinner last night with great company plus already so much positive feedback and thanks received via email and Twitter.  Not to mention a gorgeous glass window hanging which was a gift for the evening.

How often in life we measure our success in monetary rewards while overlooking true prosperity.

I reflect on how lucky I am to be invited to inspire and motivate others through my experiences – and with hindsight  understand why I had to go through some of the Nightmares I’ve endured – which now allow me to speak from a place of vulnerability and authenticity about surviving adversity in life.

So thank you to the University of Aberdeen for reminding me once again that I am living my soul purpose – to help others on their journey towards personal fulfillment and success.




5 thoughts on “In Aberdeen Again

  1. I studied my Art & Design Degree in Aberdeen – I am actually from Buckie but now live in the Orkney Isles. I also have many happy memories of my time there as well as a few frought moments as a student where life experiences were coming thick and fast and it was a huge learning curve for me socially!

    Pleased to hear that your return to Aberdeen has resulted in reminding you of such a positive purpose!

    Kind Regards


  2. Love this post, Rachel. You sound so ‘real’ I can almost hear your voice as I read. Your vulnerability and authenticity are such compelling assets.

    Will be fab when you find the right time to write your next book. Business Nightmares is wonderful and you are such an engaging, interesting writer.

    Thank you for sharing,

    the Inner Wisdom Coach

  3. How right you are Rachel. How often have we resisted the flow kicking and screaming and enduring endless amounts of pain when sometimes all we need to do is simply to let go and go with the flow if only to ease the pain a little.

    Nevertheless the issues we face often serve to build an inner strength and when we are given the opportunity to share this we can speak with a level of authenticity.

    When we come across others facing the same issues, we have the ability to empathise and to be less judgemental – nobody deliberately puts themselves in a difficult situation.

    Here is something I learned today –
    Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful – Albert Schwietzer.

    I can see you enjoy what you do. Keep on Rachel. I really appreciate you.


  4. Dear Rachel,

    It sounds like a fantastic event!!! I am glad you enjoyed as much as the students did!!! I receive a really good feedback; they were really impressed of your presentation!!

    It will be hard to plan the next event!! ;)

    Best wishes


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