Introducing ImagoPeopleTV

With our first live event happening at Sadler’s Wells this Thursday plus the launch of our first published book – ‘The Message’ by Barefoot Doctor – on the same evening, we are well and truly breathing life into the new venture I co-created with Jude Levy and Katharine Dever last year ImagoPeopleTV.

It’s a marketing portal created to promote transformational teachers, heart-centred thought leaders and evolutionaries – and here are the first 20 stars of Imago in the showreel we created from our first shoot last year.

ImagoPeopleTV Showreel from Rachel Elnaugh on Vimeo.

What’s more we’ve also launched a ‘Mentoring Cocoon’ designed to help groom you and your personal brand if you are needing help & support on your journey – details are at

If you’d like to get involved in Imago please do email me at rachel [at]

And if you’d like to come along on Thursday night there are just a few tickets remaining at




One thought on “Introducing ImagoPeopleTV

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I have written a little book and it has been published in Australia by Hardie Grant, (they have the Australian rights. It’s sold 13,000 copies – that’s good for Australia! I have the UK rights.

    The Book is also available online at :)

    With the terrible economic problems people are facing, it’s a perfect little book for this climate.

    The book is not a “how to list things on eBay” book, it’s a book about successful selling on eBay. Only 40% of the items on eBay sell. I sell 80%. My story is inspiring ( so i’ve been told by many people).

    I am now looking for a UK publisher and wondered if you would be interested in helping?? It would be revised and updated for the UK market.

    I receive 10% royalties from Hardie Grant.

    many thanks for your time,

    warm regards,


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