Leprechaun Banned from Monk’s Retreat

Last week I went down to Broadhempston in Devon to see my good friend the Inner Wisdom Expert Srimati and her lovely husband Pat.

Pat (aka @HolyCornishman on Twitter) is a very interesting, humurous and spiritual guy (here’s a clip below) and (horror of horrors to all the green tree drinking Mind Body Spirit people) does like the occasional glass of wine or three… Plus he is a Dragon in the Chinese scheme of things, all of which means to me he’s always great fun to be with.

After an evening of great conversation and laughter, helped along by several bottles of Pinot Grigio, Srimati, Pat and I decided to venture out into the (deserted) village – and for some reason ended up jiving to ‘Dancing Queen’ outside the local pub ‘The Monk’s Retreat’. To cut a long story short they refused to serve us and we were ejected by the landlord, followed up by a letter apparently sent the next day to say we were officially ‘banned’ and if we turned up again the police would be called!

Not very spiritual behaviour???

The answer lies in a brilliant book by Doreen Virtue called ‘Realms of the Earth Angels’ and I’ve just re-read my copy.
Essentially about people who are different and who don’t conform/fit in with the rest of society.

One type is the incarnate elementals – pure elemental energy, the rule breakers, with fiery tempers and addictive personalities, who love women & sex, who are also the life and soul of the party with a mischievous disruptive sense of humour. Then there are the wise ones – old souls with pure magic energy. And a description of a combination of the two (the Leprechauns) – which exactly fits Pat.

According to the book, the Leprechauns are magical time-travelling shape shifters possessing ancient wisdom and healing powers, vacillating between being serious teachers & rowdy jokesters…. wonderfully entertaining teachers & storytellers. ‘As long as you can weather their vacillating moods and flirtations, Leprechauns make wonderful friends and romantic partners. You’ll never be bored by a member of this realm.’

All this made me realise there is another Leprechaun in my life – Barefoot Doctor aka Stephen Russell – who I am now managing. He’s also legendary for his outspoken behaviour and has been banished from several kingdoms as a result of it! Much pompous judgement and speculation rumbles on – particularly amongst the ‘love and light’ people – as to whether his is ‘spiritual behaviour’.

Both Pat and Stephen are lights of my life.

The point of this post is that when we start to understand one another’s amazing energy and enjoy the essence and the magic of it – instead of judging others according our set of ‘rules’ as to what is acceptable and particularly what is ‘spiritual’ – that’s when we can all truly relax and have some fun!

(It is of course easier to say all this when you know you are a much misunderstood elemental yourself – just a different sort – but that’s a whole other blogpost :-)

Wishing you a lovely Leprechaun fun-filled day!!!

Rachel x


2 thoughts on “Leprechaun Banned from Monk’s Retreat

  1. Love this Rachel!!
    One thing that Pat and Barefoot really share in their Leprechaun-ness is that they are both maverick, irreverent Truth Bringers – they don’t feel limited by non-sensical etiquette and can make some people (who are attached to ‘rules’) very uncomortable
    However, something else that they also share is that they are coming from huge love and wisdom and have no personal investment in upsetting the apple cart – they just can’t help breaking through unconsciousness!
    What astonished me was that our ‘crime’ at the Monk’s retreat was politely asking why Pat wasn’t welcome there – and that the landlords couldn’t really answer. They just seemed terrified! Why would they be afraid of a lovely bloke like Pat? I think it’s his presence, his huge love force and his unconventionality that upsets them. They have no framework for it and have to cast about for reasons to banish him. Probably what happened to Barefoot in those kingdoms!!
    The following is a link to a great wee video where Pat speaking about Spirituality being TRUTH. (It’s me on the other side of the camera talking to him.)
    As far as I’m concerned, the more Truth Bringers in the world the better!

  2. Magical magic of magic~ness I LOVE how I was led to this particular post on your site ~ count me as Leprechaun 3 ! heehee! This is SO ME :)))))) LOVE IT! thank youhoohooo & have a super magical day filled with Law of Attraction in Action all over the place :)))))))

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