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I was inspired to write this blogpost by my 5 year old son who seems to have fallen in love with an older girl at school. I was tasked to help him deliver a love letter – which I discovered was full of printed money from pictures he had downloaded from the internet! Clearly he has got the connection that ‘women love men who have money’…

I am no fan of the ‘Alpha Male’ but even I must admit that hugely successful men are also very charismatic and extremely sexy. The question is, was it the money that gave them their sexual charisma – or was it their sexual charisma that attracted the money?

Napoleon Hill writes about the close connection between the sex drive and the ability to make money in his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, citing Napoleon Bonaparte, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Abraham Lincolm amongst others as outstanding achievers who also had a well documented highly sexual nature.

Hill calls this ‘The Mystery of Sex Transmutation’. The key is to take this huge sexual energy and to transmute it into wealth creating activity.

Over here in the feminine camp I have long argued that businesses run through passion are far more likely to deliver profit than ones run through a pure money motive. This is echoed by thought leaders like Nick Williams in his book The Work We Were Born To Do.

According to ancient wisdom the base chakra (which governs money making) and the sex chakra are closely linked… It follows that if you activate one you will also energise the other.

So I would love to know your view, do you think there is a connection between Money Sex and Love?

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7 thoughts on “Money Sex Love

  1. Passion has a huge impact on my creativity and I know that when I’m in a dynamic relationship enjoying passionate intimacy, I’m at my most creative – and that reflects on the success of my business.

    I think that passion (especially if it is joyful and not tortured) has such a powerful energy that it naturally overflows into other areas of our lives – and for me, that includes generating money.

  2. I have always thought that there is a link between sex drive and making money. You only need to look at the dragon’s, yourself included, as don’t you, Theo, Peter & Duncan all have 5 children, which given there is a pool of 7 that is a huge percentage over the 2 children average.

  3. I’m really interested in this Rachel, I read an article some time back about attractiveness and business success. It suggested that more attractive people are more likely to be successful in business, sales and promotion to leadership roles.

    You’ve got me thinking again so I’ll look into this in more detail as I can see that passion, attractiveness and success could all have a link.

    Do you think that we are attracted to success or success to drawn to attractive people?

  4. I know the more money I have, the more sex I get. The more sex I get the more money I make. I am convinced it’s because you feel good, you feel confident everything in your life turns to gold. Money creates confidence, nothing better than going out into town knowing you’ve just closed a massive deal. Then people buzz around you like honey.

    It’s all in your mind set of course, let’s face it money and getting lots of sex creates that mind set so naturally the cycle continues.

  5. I would agree with the statement ‘ money that gave them their sexual charisma ‘. A lot of people think that rich people can provide them with a comfortable life that they don’t think/won’t provide for themselves; this makes them attractive to those sort of people, in my opinion.

    Aren’t you concerned that your 5 yr old is already influenced by money?

  6. Your boy sounds advanced for his years. My five years only likes to hold hands with girls. His brother rib him for it!

    Like you I’ve read Napoleon Hill classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and I do recall the strong reference between sex and progress.

    We all love sex, we all love money and we all want to be in love – these thing are true. But we’re not free. We often find ourself short of money, in a limited sexual relationship and as for love..

    As Steve Jobs said ‘ don’t settle’. Be passion about finding love, sex and riches in life. For me you really hit the nail on the head when you said passion Rachel – ‘find what you love to do.’

    So, yes I believe there is a extremely strong link between Money, sex and love. But money is just a bi-product, a measure what really matter is Love and passion – ‘find what you love to do.’

  7. Yes, Sex and money are inter-twinned.

    Billionaires are monstrously passionate people.

    Just look at Berlusconi, Max Mosley and Hefner


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