New Year Clutter Clear

There’s even more power in doing a New Year Clutter Clear this year, because it’s very rare for a New Moon to fall on New Year’s Day 1.1.14 – and this one falls under a cardinal cross linking all the ‘leadership’ signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.  An exceptionally good time for manifestation – and anything you didn’t voluntary let go of during 2013 which needs to be cleared from your life will now be involuntarily removed in 2014 via volcanic meltdown!  (Those of you who have done empowerment work will know that it often takes a breakdown to get to a breakthrough.)

Over here my clutter clear is an enforced one – the original 1976 kitchen which came with this house (interestingly the same ‘Fire Dragon’ year that my husband was born) is quite literally falling apart, and today the workmen are coming to replace all the units.  This isn’t the kitchen of my dreams (which I suspect already exists in a  home many miles from here and in another life dimension), just an inexpensive short term fix.  But it has necessitated the complete clearance of every unit.  And it’s all happening in my feng shui area of relationships!

And so this weekend has been spent discovering broken food mixers pushed to the back of cupboards, out of date herbs & spices (some dating to my first marriage!), odd pieces of crockery left over from long gone dining sets, not to mention many jars of sauces and pickles at the back of the fridge being kept ‘just in case’ – but which will never ever get used.  (Very symbolic, given Venus is currently retrograde in Capricorn, forcing us to review old relationships.  What worked, what didn’t.)

I just didn’t have the time or emotional bandwidth this weekend to go through the complete decision making process of what to throw or what to keep (although there’s already 5 sacks of rubbish), deciding to defer most of that to the unpacking process later this week.

However I suspect I will be so excited and delighted at having new units with doors which don’t fall off and drawers which glide in and out that very little of the old stuff will make it.

William Morris said “Having nothing in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.  

I guess the same applies to relationships.

Far better to pare down to a smaller tribe of wonderful, life-enriching people, who accept you for exactly who you are, and who bring you joy – than to go for numbers.

What clutter will you be clearing this New Year?

Wishing you an amazing 2014.

In love,


Rachel xx





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