One Year On

Rachel Elnaugh at Getty VillaOn the Oscars weekend this time last year I was in Los Angeles – doing the T.Harv Eker ‘Millionaire Mind’ Intensive weekend – and the next day met with my Source co-creator Kevin Stein for the first time in person. We sat in the outdoor cafe at the Getty Villa and sketched out on a piece of paper the concept and early strategy for SourceTV.

That weekend was certainly a turning point in my life.  I had an unexpected and powerful breakthrough on the final day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive – which was like a clearing of the last weeds remaining in the soil – and what started out as the seed of an idea for an online TV channel for thought leaders and metaphysical teachers has now taken root and is growing into a fully fledged business.

Much magic has unfolded since that sunny Californian Monday – and above all, the adventure has been great fun!

So, one year on, I am reflecting on how much life can transform in a single year, and now, on this new trajectory, with ideas taking root, how it’s possible for things to scale exponentially.

But isn’t this exactly how nature works?  You take a seed, you plant it, and feed it, and nurture it, until it takes root and gains a momentum of its own eventually bearing fruit.  Same with business.  Take the seed of an idea, energise it, feed it – with commitment, energy, determination, persistence – and it will start to gain its own momentum through attracting people, money, customers, opportunities, ideas.

As T.Harv would say “If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”  It all starts with an idea, a vision, a burning desire – combined with the unwavering intention to make it happen – no matter what.

If such a dramatic life change can take place in just one year I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Rachel x

PS If you’d like to acquire a stake in SourceTV the current SEIS top-up crowdfunding closes on Saturday 8 March.  All the remaining SEIS qualifying shares are now gone but you can still get EIS tax relief at 30% on any investment you make.  Details are at



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