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Every time I write an eshot or blogpost about ‘esoteric’ topics it is always in the knowledge that it will get its fair share of negative – and sometimes even abusive – responses from the cynics out there.  [With this in mind, many thanks to the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday for publishing a piece about this blog on Sunday 3 February without any of the mockery one can often get with journalists…]

Yet the more I discover about the metaphysical world, the more I feel I should share my own experiences, especially for others who are waking up to the realisation that there is more to life than just the material realm.

This post is about an experience which happened to me this morning, but for it to be meaningful to you I need to tell you the ‘back-story’ first.

Several years ago in January 2008 ‘Director’ magazine did a cover story on me, essentially an interview asking what the ‘failed Dragon’ had been doing in the three years since my first business Red Letter Days had crashed.  During the interview I mentioned a Life Plan I wrote back in 2002, at the request of a friend who was training to be a life coach (before I understood about metaphysical principles or the Law of Attraction), where I had stated my intention: “By 2006 to have got rid of Red Letter Days so I can spend more time at home with my children, be creative and write.”

And of course the ‘Universe’ delivered that Cosmic Order to the very word, obligingly flushing my first business down the toilet on 1 August 2005 a week after the birth of my 4th son, creating in its wake a completely new business based from home – and then delivering both a publishing deal to write a book and another baby!

A Business Coach named Lucia Bardoul read the article and sent me an invitation to a weekend retreat designed for women business leaders being held at Windsor Castle that April called ‘Fire and the Feminine’ lead by contemporary shaman Judith Seelig.  It sounded bonkers, but intriguing, and an eclectic group of us ‘power women’ turned up at St George’s House within the Castle grounds to no agenda, no structure and no clue what we had let ourselves in for!  But the weekend was an incredibly powerful mix of yoga, chant and meditation in the presence of the amazing Judith (who many of you will have seen perform at our 12.12.12 One World event) plus two weirdly spooky experiences (more on those later) – which reduced me to tears.

After the event it was as if a channel had been opened and all sorts of magic started showing up in my life.  As you start to awaken to the metaphysical world it can all seem strangely bewildering unless someone is on hand to explain what on earth is going on.  That help came in the form of another coach – who I met randomly but synchronistically – Sue Bottomley  .  Sue suggested that I go on a ‘Journey’ meditation with her to meet my ‘Spirit Guide’.  Which again seemed completely bonkers to me – as I had no idea what a Spirit Guide was, let alone the fact that I had one!

For the benefit of the cynics amongst you, both Judith’s retreat and the help from Sue were offered to me at no charge.

It was on that ‘Journey’ meditation that I met my spirit guide – St George.

Now this was all completely weird – as I had no conscious awareness of any connection to St George – but the dots very quickly joined up…

My family name on my mother’s side was Knight, and she had given me a sovereign from just before I was born depicting St George slaying the Dragon.  I am a Dragon – both in the Chinese Astrology scheme of things, as well as via the TV show Dragons’ Den…  A ‘Red Letter Day’ is traditionally a Saint’s day on the calendar where the date is marked in red.  Our corporate colours were red on a white background.  I also realised I had been ‘called’ before – to see a new client in Barcelona, whose patron saint is St George, where it was St George’s Day when we arrived.  (I still had the red rose brooch pin, which was given to me as is the tradition there.)

And then looking back to the retreat at Windsor Castle, the first mystical experience happened in St George’s Chapel, home of the Knights of the Garter; the second during a yoga pose when the Scouts suddenly came marching round the corner to drums singing ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord’.  Because of course St George is the Scouts’ patron saint – and the retreat was on St George’s Day weekend!

And not only is the road leading in to Windsor Castle called Castle Hill, that’s also the name of the hill where I live in Bakewell !!!

Just too many coincidences to mention (and lots of others besides the above), yet I had no awareness whatsoever that my Spirit Guide had been sending subtle clues of his presence to me all my life.

Even now, when I am a low point, or questioning things, or in need of guidance, moments later I will suddenly see a St George’s flag or a red rose and know it is a message from spirit that all is well, that I am on the right path.  And I have learned to pay attention to these signs when they show up as if they are saying ‘There’s something important for you to pay attention to here’.

Fast forward to 2012 which was both a year of amazing personal growth as well as challenges for me and I continued to go through the process of personal transformation.  You often have to go through a breakdown to get to a breakthrough.

One Sunday morning for various reasons I was at a very low point of despair, and I asked God to send me help.  Within 2 minutes the nearby church bells started ringing!  I thought about going to Church (I am not particularly religious) but decided against it.  However, I knew that the bells were a sign that God was listening and that something magical was about to happen…

Next day I was due to speak at a Women’s Enterprise event in Rotherham.  When I arrived at the networking meeting the organiser asked me if I would mind doing my speech in the Minster (the central Church in Rotherham).  I asked to be shown the venue and what should be waiting for me but a huge statue of St George slaying the Dragon.  And of course it was 23 April! (St George’s Day)

The inspiration from the talk I did that day directly lead to my ‘Business Alchemy’ 28 day video programme – which I mind-mapped the next morning and then filmed over 4 days that week.  Each of the 28 videos delivered without a script, simply channelling content around the theme for each day.  And since it’s release in May 2012 Business Alchemy has become my most successful mentoring product ever.

Much other magic happened last year, not least the 12.12.12 One World experience – again delivered on the winds of Grace which has lead to much inspiration for new projects for 2013.

So back to today’s mystical experience…

Last week I was asked to do a telesummit interview where I had to offer a product to listeners to be broadcast in February.  I decided to create an 88 day version of Business Alchemy designed to help manifest a prosperity generating project (in response to demand from people who said they would like a longer Programme).  This morning I sat down to scope the mind-map of topics which had been bubbling through my head, basing the 88 Day Programme on a major new project which I had started to scope on Friday.

The first action I listed was to mark a cross on the 88 day programme end date on the calendar.

I took that action myself this morning and counted forward 88 days from Friday on the calendar.

You guessed it, the end date was none other than St George’s Day – 23 April 2013.

Coincidence, or Divine Guidance?

I continue to remain fascinated by the clues whispered to us by unseen realms and I would be fascinated to hear about your own Spirit Guide experiences!

Please use the comments box below to share your insights and stories as I know many would be intrigued to read them…


Rachel x


14 thoughts on “Spirit Guide

  1. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing this, Rachel.

    My amazing, wise, feisty, hugely loving, fun loving, old-Scots speaking Gran was born on St George’s day, 23rd April.

    Gran was a simple mill girl who married ‘above her station’ but was adored by my Grandad. She never learned to drive, never worked and never even used a cheque book, but she was an absolute beacon of love and wise-counsel in our family. She devoted herself to her family and gave effortless affirmation and insight, typically whilst flipping pancakes on the griddle and jigging to Scottish music on the radio. Gran is my icon and role model…

    I met my beloved Pat on the day Gran died. I just returned from the meeting him in the evening to news that she’d finally passed away. She was two days short of 90. Pat and I’s first trip together was sprinkling her ashes in the hills overlooking Loch Lomond in the Scottish Highlands. (Gran said she felt ‘close to God’ when she was in the countryside.) And so I always associate Gran and her spirit with meeting my soul mate and true love, Pat.

    And of course, as you know, Pat is a dragon in Chinese astrology…

    Just a few more connections with St George for you. Thank you St George for looking after our Rachel!

    (Alchemy is truly a work of channelled spirit – no question!!)

    Srimati x

  2. And guess where else Rachel’s story will be told? In the forthcoming ‘The Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs’ by Jane NOBLE KNIGHT!

    Great story. Great guide! He’s looking after you, Rachel.

  3. Hi Rachel, this is a fascinating post, thank you for sharing. I would love to find my spirit guide, and I can see how useful it has been for you. I totally get the metaphysical stuff and I incorporate it into my businesses, without people really knowing what I’m doing. I attribute my success solely to this.

    Thank you again, and for the Prosperity Spiral too xx

  4. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. The more we look, the more we see. My moment of absolute clarity came when a series of events stopped me from doing one thing, and forced me to do another. They were too many, too close, and too unexpected to be anything other than a clear sign to me that I co-exist with a metaphysical force that I can tangibly feel the presence of and interact with. I’m curious too about the idea of co-creation. And wonder what you’re thinking about this in light of your experience. There’s some wonderful experiences I’ve been having of late that seem to support the idea that we not only create our own reality, but we do it together. A collection of souls dreaming into existence the painful as well as blissful dream time we are in now. Look no further than the Aborigines of Australia for further metaphors of this thinking. Anyway, good luck with finding the patterns and developing new ways to make the most of your life.

  5. I really love this! Very honest, powerful, funny! And so spot on re how Spirit, magic and synchronicities work. Am actually very touched by it.
    So chuffed that such a key public figure like yourself has the “balls” to do this! Articles like this will help and wake many. Thank you! xxx

  6. So amazing. Never imagined for one minute that an inspiring business leader would be into metaphysical beliefs. No idea why not but as you said at the beginning it is prone to negativity. Really connected with that first affirmation of yours to “get rid of…” definitely a powerful lesson in being careful what you wish for!

  7. Lol synchronicity is playing well with me tonight, I have been missing from your blog quite a while now, you know how it is you get busy with life and distracted. I just thought of you and wondered how you were getting on and got the law of attraction feeling so followed through to pop on and this is the post I see!

    I and my pal are always getting pushed in one direction or other, we have learn’t to follow our gut instincts and discuss this often. It is what made me quit my contract in London 2 weeks before the bombings, it is what has been pushing my friend into a field that she was born for and is now leading.

    Growing up with a psychic mum I am the first to pronounce hogwash, I can’t stand the majority of over the top self proclaimed psychics and everything has to be proven to me first before I even consider it. However, so much has happened that it is undeniable that energies are there and when you are on the right path it tends to flow.

    I am also working, still lol, on the law of attraction and it has worked for a few things recently. One I had come up with yet another business idea but it was revolved around helping new business in the economy. I came up with the perfect brand and bought it. However I had too much on my plate and could not do it justice, so I came up with a wishlist of the type of people I wanted on board to take it over, what I wanted them to do which is basically take it off my hands (as I was feeling guilty because it needs to be done now), run with my idea as it can help the high streets but also wanted some money out of it x amount. Three weeks later, I was approached out of the blue by a team that were the right people to take it and do a much better job with it than I can, they had the same plans as me in the social aspect of the business even down to details and we agreed on the exact amount I wanted.

    Happy days, now I just need to keep at it and see what else I can magic up. However these feelings do take me in unexpected paths, they led me here the first time years ago and back again this evening. I also got a feeling of prosperity and happiness at midnight on new years eve, which most would view as normal. However, life I knew was going to inevitably fall apart in January as there is a lot happening around me at the moment that we knew was coming(roll on spring), I knew for certain the beginning of 2013 was going to be a hell of a tough year until spring and was actually working on a website up until count down so was in distracted programming mode. So this deep feeling completely took me by surprise. Lets hope we are both right and it rings true!

    Sorry you have had a tough time, I think we all have our breakdowns some larger than others but it allows us to step back, reevaluate, look inside ourselves and make necessary changes. I made a lot of changes in 2012 after coming to the end of my tether and I am glad I did. I hope you are too.

    Good luck xx

  8. Hi Rachel,
    I have not found my spirit guide, but I would like to tell you of an experiance I had as a child, I was 8 or 9 yrs old, living in Chesterfield (just down the road from Bakewell) Mum asked me to go to our next door corner shop about 5pm ish, i could have used front door and the next door to my left was the shop door, but we used the back door leading to a comunal yard where the gate opened onto the next street, as i stepped on to the pavement i saw a Drummer Boy dressed in I presume a n 18th centuary soldiers uniform, the boy was grey as the colour of the uniform, with a sash across his chest that held a snare drum, I bought a blue bag of castor suger, Tate & Yale costing 6d, returning I saw the Drummer Boy was in the same postion, then just vanished, wonder if that was my spirit guide, like most folk I have had good fortune and bad,been in catering most of my working life, had 3 businesses, one in Bakewell, a Restaurant called Quirkies, I was 10 percent stake and chef, it was in Portland Square, then in 1993 feb we went bust, in 1994 I opened a little bistro in Chesterfield, called Michelangelos, sold that in 2003, but in 2001 I leased a pub in outside Chesterfield, The hree Horseshoes, but I was bankrupt in 2009, now am depressed, living in a small one bedroom flat with my wife in Buxton, hapopier now than the last yr in the pub, but am lost, no faith or spiritual feelings, but deperate to find IT what ever it is, not found peace in my head or heart. thank you for your webb site that I stumbled on, yours with love, Mike

  9. Mike I am going to trigger Business Alchemy for you I think it will help you greatly increase your vibration around money

    Rachel x

  10. I know exactly what you are talkin about.
    Our business collapsed and I trained 6 people (from the streets)while working as a consultant.
    This business was destroyed in a fire and the owner was closing the business (2008)as we started feeling the recession.

    I could not bear the thought that these trainees were going to end up on the street with no where to go and we started a business with the worst possible motivation for a business – compassion, no money,a very harsh labour intensive industry and no customers.
    The only possitive aspect was that we had 5 motivated staff members.

    The first 2 years, every Wednesday (payday) I did not know where the staff’s wages were coming from and EVERY Thursday something happened – and we could pay wages.

    It took us 3 years to recover from the move and putting the business on its feet.

    Today this business sustains 16 families, we are well known in our industry and 3 staff members have share.

    This whole venture was “spirit’ guided and the joy to come to work with people who love and value their jobs is fantastic.

    Thank you for your article, it very much reminded me of where we came from.


  11. Dear Rachel,
    A few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting you at a Women’s Enterprise event in London and was so touched by your warmth and time to have a wee chat with me.
    I am a strong believer in fate and the law of attraction and over the last 6 months my life has turned so quickly its hard for me to keep up at times!
    This time last year I had my tarot read saying something big was going to happen to me in September 2012 and things will be different from there onwards.
    26th September was wet but sunny, a huge rainbow appeared and to my amazement came and landed on me engulfing me in colour!! :-)
    Since then, I have myself taken up tarot with amazing results and help for others.
    My spiritual path is growing by the day and my spiritual guide always appears to me as a robin and I only have to ask and he appears as reassurance and support.
    12.12.12 I attended a ritual blessing at a local neolithic stone circle. At exactly 12 noon, the sun shone brightly and a lovely rainbow appeared, again I was alight with colour. as I looked beside me, a robin hopped along side of me.

    MY business is helping others, I now think ‘we’ not ‘i’, I am setting up a support and networking group in my area for likeminded people who too wish to grow spiritual and help by colabarating and supporting as a group too.

    thank you for your blogs, I read them with a smile and at times a nod of ‘ah I know those signs’ :-)

  12. Hi Rachel … wow you published this article in Jan 2013 and the ripples are still being felt in May/June (what power).
    I really enjoyed your article, because it’s reassuring to know that like the American leaders and speakers in the field of metaphysics, we have our own courageous male & female counterparts stepping forward and teaching others that profit is good, but remember @ what price. The cost tends to be your self esteem, integrity, plus a host of other gifts you reluctantly relinquish.
    BACK TO THE PLOT. I found you today via a synchronous route, just reading about a friend Solia who I think you mentored, and her spirit indirectly pointed me to YOU.
    Like you said Rachel, I don’t know how it all works, and I’m on my own exciting spiritual journey. But do you know what? I don’t need to know …I just need to believe.
    x Joy

  13. Just re-read this post & all the comments

    What a lovely message from Joy !!! When messages from ‘Joy’ arrive always take notice…

    At the time I wrote this post SourceTV was just an idea without a name. I ended up creating an event ‘Prosperity 2013’ at the Barbican on 23 April 2013 (wow that has just broken a dream I had last night, running to catch a tube train to The Barbican!) where we ‘soft launched’ SourceTV and gained our first 8 ‘early-adopter’ customers…

    7 months later the business is funded and well underway – thanks to much Divine Guidance and gifts from God.

    I realise over the past few weeks I have been trying to push hard and make things happen but this post has reminded me of the effortless beauty in allowing things to unfold magically…

    Have a wonderful day!

    Rachel x

  14. PS forgot to mention, I was prompted to re-read as I am presenting an Awards event tonight in Llandudno – at the St George’s Hotel !!!

    Experience tells me something magical is going to happen :-)


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