Spiritual Snobbery

As more and more people start awakening to the Higher Consciousness have you noticed an increase in what I would politely call ‘Spiritual Snobbery’?

Those well-meaning Tweets warning you to ‘stay away from negative people’.

Or the edict that certain people (or projects?) have got a ‘bad vibration’ and must be held at arm’s length at all costs.

Or that old chestnut “My Guides have told me not to… [insert detail of whatever it is that you have decided you don’t want to do].”

If we are truly to embrace the concept of ‘Oneness’ – which at its essence means we are all part of the same energy – then anyone or anything you ‘shun’ is simply a manifestation of the ‘dark side’ in yourself that you are desperately trying to deny.

This ‘Love and Light’ syndrome is hugely prevalent in the metaphysical/4th dimensional sector – it’s like a hatred of hate buried deep beneath a sugar-coating of rosy gold light.

In this new era of Oneness there can be no judgement as to who is ‘worthy’!

And the mission of the Lightworker is not to run away from negativity/problems/darkness but to bring light and healing energy to EVERY situation.

So if you encounter a ‘negative’ person, remember they symbolise a piece of you (or humanity) which needs to be brought out of the darkness, integrated and healed.  Not rejected or run away from.

Yes it’s uncomfortable – and oh so tempting to stay in that cosy bubble of Love’n’Lite where there are no jagged edges – and definitely no ‘messy’ bits to deal with.  

But this is the Path which we are all now being called to follow.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Snobbery

  1. The whole ‘avoid negative people’ thing makes me feel frustrated and quite despairing at times, to see how so-called believers in ‘love and light’ can so flippantly reject people who are clearly suffering.

    But I have similar feelings about those who feel the need to rescue people all the time. Both beliefs are very similar. They both perpetuate the idea of separateness.

    If we’re all One, who exactly is doing the saving, and who is being saved? It could only ever be the ego’s playing with each other. Which is fine, that’s what life is. But not many ‘light workers’ would admit to it being that. The light worker thinks they are coming from some higher self, whilst the ‘negative’ person is trapped in their ego. Yet, how could that judgement even be made if the light worker wasn’t also coming from their ego? Surely it’s only the ego which differentiates between positive and negative, light and dark?

    When you can sit with another person in their pain, and not judge them for it and not feel frightened to experience the darkness with them or of allowing the darkness to exist, then they can heal themselves.

    And instead of having to banish the darkness in order to feel safe, we can learn to not fear the darkness at all, together, in this Oneness which so many people talk about, but so few actually seem to truly believe in.

  2. Hi Miss. Elnaugh,

    Just a short note to say what a pleasure it as to have met you by chance in Bakewell two Fridays ago ( on the bridge).

    I thought that you were very charming and your kind essence came across very positively. It truly was amazing.

    God Bless


  3. Interesting observations Rachel, and something to be aware of and reflect on.

    Recently I gave a talk on ‘The Love of Art’ at an Art Festival at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, where I was speaking of inspiration, creativity and the muse that fires the passion and love for art experienced by artists, collectors, curators, and admirers whose emotions and responses are fired by an artists and their creation.

    In the Q & A, I was asked about hate, about works produced from a place of hatred, and works which bring up hate in a viewer. It’s too much to go into here, but I offered a similar response to your words above, taking in fear and/or apathy as the opposite of Love, and that if something/someone engendered strong feelings of aversion, hatred, dislike in me I would be looking inside for what it is about me that is resonating with the person, the expression, the artifact, where is Love absent.

    Thank you for sharing.

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