The Moment Murray Won Wimbledon

Sunday 8 July 2012.  Andy Murray’s dreams of winning Wimbledon have just been dashed after losing to Roger Federer.  He breaks down in tears when

Murray in tears after losing 2012 Wimbledon Final
Murray in tears after losing 2012 Wimbledon Final

making the runner up speech.  And the crowd’s hearts opened.

In that moment a piece of magic happened – Britain’s greatest player for decades went from being tempestuous, egotistical and somewhat hated, to talented, vulnerable and most loved.  In that moment, we were all reminded of the horrible agony of what it feels like to have our dreams dashed.

On that healing wave of love, a few weeks later Murray returned to Centre Court to defeat Roger Federer and win Olympic Gold for Great Britain.  Finally, he replaced the ‘vibration’ of losing at Wimbledon with the ‘vibration’ of winning.

Sunday’s symbolic final on 7/7 – which saw Murray become the  first male British winner for 77 years – was a masterclass in demonstrating how having an audacious goal, backed by passion, determination and perseverance can help you manifest the most incredible things.

But no man is an island, and success is made much easier when it comes on a wave of love.

The crowd were just as much part of Murray’s winning team as his circle of coaches, trainers and mentors.  His victory was their victory.  He inspired the entire nation as well as millions around the world.

In that moment Murray demonstrated that any dream is achievable when it is born from a place of passion, focus, determination and love.








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