Vision. Vibration. Commitment. Faith.

Over 40 years’ business experience  has taught me that ‘success’ has nothing to do with what’s written in the Business Plan…  

It comes down to these four qualities:


How big is your dream?  What’s your desire to serve?  How many people do you want your business to impact?

Very few people I meet even start out with the desire to do something BIG.  They just want to create a nice lifestyle; some even tell me they just want to ‘survive’.

Hence why two thirds of all businesses fail and of the ones that do ‘survive’, only 5% make any money.

The thing about having a Big Vision is that it leads to Big Thinking – and thus to Big Energy, which is what leads to:


Creating a business requires a HUGE amount of energy to break through the inertia and get into Momentum.  And once you have achieved momentum a business tends to acquire a life of its own!

It’s easy to spot the successful entrepreneur – their ‘vibration’ (call it energy or charisma if you like) is much higher and more powerful than the average person.  Most people can achieve this ‘vibration’ of great positivity and enthusiasm from time to time, but very few can sustain it consistently, day-in day-out over the period of time needed for a business to take root and flourish.

It’s the kind of sustained energy focus which eventually makes water boil (or that brings you to orgasm!)

Successful entrepreneurs have a very powerful vibration.


Not just commitment to yourself and your own desires/needs (that’s easy!), this is a commitment to everyone the business touches.

Commitment to customers that you will ensure they get great products and service (even if it takes a while to find a way!); commitment to investors that they will receive a massive return on their investment, commitment to your co-directors that you are there for the course – no matter what happens.

It’s very easy to sustain a commitment when the going is good.  The challenge comes when the going gets tough!

In my experience very few people actually do what they say will do.

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that follow through on their commitments.


There are only two states:  Fear or Faith.

In any moment you can only be in one or the other.

Fear is the natural state of expecting things to go wrong.  Faith is the natural state of expecting things to go right.

When you add Faith in a higher power (whether you call that God or The Universe or The Divine Plan) a business literally becomes unshakeable.

“Faith is a living and unshakable confidence. a belief in God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.  Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

These four qualities are embodied in our latest business venture SourceTV

The Vision to become a £multi-million Global Transformational brand

The Vibration of three highly experienced and passionate directors at the heart of the co-creative collaboration – Kevin Stein, Gary Stern and myself.

The Commitment to the Thought Leaders using the platform, our investors in the business and above all, a commitment to empower humanity

Unshakeable Faith in Divine Guidance as we act as channels for God’s awesome plan – for ‘Source’ energy.

If you’re a Thought Leader who would like to be featured on the SourceTV platform why not submit a video for inclusion in the new SourceTV mobile app launching in November?  It’s free and details are at

If you’d like to help us establish the business as well as acquire a stake in SourceTV you can be part of our Crowdfunding on the new Angel’s Den Crowdfunding site at

We invite you to be part of this business adventure!

With love,

Rachel x



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