World Detox

Is it just me or does everyone else sense a tremendous ‘cleansing’ process going on right now ?

Suddenly stuff we have been used to being around for years (think NoTW) crumbles and vanishes overnight…  Governments are falling and economies are failing.  And the pace of change all seems to be speeding up.

On a personal level, what started out as a decision to stop drinking alcohol a week ago today has now turned into a personal ‘Project Life Cleanse’ – as I start to clear out everything that is no longer working for me.

Relationships, finances, clutter, habits… plugholes, pores, porches – it’s all up for grabs now!

When we clear this clutter of old energy we create the space for the new to flow.

The exciting thing for me is that this ‘World Detox’ is leading us into a totally new way of being – both as individuals and collectively on the Planet…

Let’s embrace the change!



4 thoughts on “World Detox

  1. Rachel
    I couldn’t agree more with you something big is happening for sure. I have recently lost 4 1/2 stone and stopped drinking and it is amazing when you cut out toxins how you can see your world and the world more clearly.

    I feel a new wave of thinking is coming our way.

  2. Agree. The cleansing seems to get faster and more intense – even here on the magic island of Lanzarote. I thought it was just the volcanoes. Definitely something going on – a shift, a change of gear in the zeitgeist, rising consciousness. Oh … And it’s full moon. In the Mayan calendar today is guided by Accomplishment. This morning I’ve ‘cleansed’ my office for a move. Feels great. Off for a swim.

  3. Rachel,

    Thank you for the great post – you won’t believe how timely this post is for me right now!!

    I have some challenges in my start-up right now that don’t seem to want to go away. When I fix one thing, another area seems to spring a leak, and we seem to be only slightly closer to generating meaningful revenue than we were 12 months ago.

    It will be painful to cut the business lose, but I’m really starting to think that if I do then this will create a vacuum for more good opportunities to flow into my life.

    Any ideas on how to tell the difference between something that’s not meant to work, and a challenge that is merely to be overcome would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you again

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